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Honest Trailers Takes Aim At Every Pinocchio Movie Released In 2022


2022 saw the release of three different Pinocchio films, all of which find themselves under humorous scrutiny in the new Honest Trailer.

All three Pinocchio films released in 2022 find themselves as the targets of humorous scrutiny in the new Honest Trailer. It’s been a big year for Pinocchio, with three unique takes on the character being adapted into films with Pinocchio: A True Story, Disney’s live-action Pinocchio remake, and Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio – a dark, stop-motion animated interpretation. Each version was met with varying degrees of success, but del Toro’s is the clear stand-out among the bunch. However, no version is safe in the new Honest Trailer.


Screen Junkies shared the new Honest Trailer on YouTube, which offers up a hilarious tongue-lashing for all three Pinocchio films released in 2022. The trailer dissects each film, lampooning the Pauly Shore-led Pinocchio: A True Story as looking “almost as good as a freemium mobile game ad,” while calling Disney’s Tom Hanks starring remake “bad in all the most boring ways.” The narrator also calls del Toro’s Pinocchio “relentlessly grim” and “the one 2022 Pinocchio movie that was actually good.” Check out the Honest Trailer featuring every 2022 Pinocchio movie below:

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Why So Many Pinocchio Movies Were Released

Blended image of the Disney's Pinocchio looking at his hand and Netflix's Pinocchio that is smiling as a more wooden figure

The three Pinocchio versions released in the same year seem unnecessary, but each film offered a different take on the material. Pinocchio: A True Story is a computer-animated film that attempts to offer up the real story that inspired the tale, with Pinocchio as a circus performer. Disney’s take was another in their long line of animated classics remade into live-action films. Hanks starred as Geppetto, acting alongside CGI animated characters while reteaming with director Robert Zemeckis. Finally, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio had a darker story, featuring deaths, Nazis, and a bleak yet beautifully crafted, stop-motion animated world. So while there was an overabundance, each film attempted to bring something distinct to Pinocchio.

Each take on Pinocchio stems from the source material: The Adventures of Pinocchio: The Story of a Puppet by C. Collodi. It was notably adapted into the 1940 Disney classic Pinocchio – the interpretation most are familiar with. The original darker story acted as a warning against bad behavior, ending with Pinocchio being hanged to death. Collodi’s original book became public domain in 1940, which means it can act as source material for any studio wishing to adapt it without that studio having to pay for the rights. Hence, three interpretations of Pinocchio were produced by different studios in 2022. The fact that so many came out so close together may merely be happenstance, as del Toro’s Pinocchio had been in production for years before release.

So with three Pinocchio films released this year, it may be a while before audiences see the material adapted again. However, with Hollywood always looking to profit off proven IP, there is almost a guarantee of more. And given that Pinocchio is public domain, there is no financial barrier, making future adaptions quite likely.

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