House for sale in Las Vegas has some on Twitter saying ‘nope.’ Take a look and see why – Trending News

House for sale in Las Vegas has some on Twitter saying ‘nope.’ Take a look and see why


An unsuspecting house on the real estate market in Las Vegas for $975,000 is managing to turn heads on Twitter thanks to its…unique interior.

The four-bedroom, four-bathroom residence seems to blend in nicely with surrounding houses, photos show, with the blue Nevada sky — littered with fluffy clouds — popping in the background. However, the 5,043-square-foot interior paints a completely different picture.

One that’s more edgy.

“A unique one-of-a-kind semi-custom beauty located in the heart of SW Las Vegas!” the listing on Zillow says. “Entire home has been completely renovated with attention to detail which includes granite counter tops, custom stone electric fireplace, in-home movie theater, heated pool/spa and so much more!”

While the residence does come with all those fine features, it’s the wonderfully goth decor and bright colors that are catching eyes — especially a skull chandelier that appears to hang in the dining room.

The vivid look is more of an experience than an interior design theme, and fans of The Best of Zillow — a Twitter account that features interesting houses for sale — took notice.

“Very clearly the home of a Cure fan,” one person said.

“This looks like my first Sims house,” another tweeted.

“Those are some design choices, alright. What kind I’m not entirely sure…” someone noted.

“Popcorn ceilings, sex beds and a weird swinger couch really scream, ‘NOPE,’” one person tweeted.

“Wow! That skull chandelier in the dining room certainly is something,” another said.

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