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James Gunn Confirms Elseworlds Movies In Development Outside The DCU


DC Studios co-CEO and filmmaker James Gunn confirms that Elseworlds movies are officially in development that will exist outside the new DC Universe.

James Gunn confirms that Elseworlds movies are in development that are outside the DC Universe. DC Studios is replacing the DC Films division as Gunn and Peter Safran are taking charge of the DCU with TV, film, and animation. The two CEOs had their roles go into effect on November 1, and there have been an endless amount of reports about what they are doing with the DCU. While Gunn has debunked various rumors, some reports have turned out to be true, as Wonder Woman 3 is no longer moving forward, and Henry Cavill is done as Superman in the DCU, with Gunn penning a new reboot for the hero. But there are still many things that have yet to be clarified, as DC Studios have been popping into the headlines over the last few weeks.


Gunn has been responding on Twitter to various fans and has shared a few teases about what DC Studios are doing with the DCU. One fan recently asked Gunn if he is “producing any Elseworlds DC projects that aren’t set in the DCU?” under his DC Studios era. It didn’t take long for Gunn to reply back with a positive answer. Check out his response below:

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Why Elseworlds Stories Can Help DC Studios In TV & Film

Superman with the rest of the Justice League in Kingdom Come.

For those who may not know what it is, Elseworlds was a DC Comics publication imprint focused on stories outside the main comic continuity. That brand has brought iconic comic arcs to life, including DC’s Kingdom Come, Gotham By Gaslight, and many more throughout the decades. Elseworlds was also the title of the three-part Arrowverse crossover in 2018, which served as a big setup for Crisis on Infinite Earths. In later years, Elseworlds has essentially been replaced by the DC Black Label imprint that was launched in 2018.

Even though they have never called it Elseworlds, this labeling essentially applies to The Batman and Joker, as they are standalone franchises outside the DCU. While a shared universe is obviously something they are going for, with multiple The Batman spinoffs in the works and Joker 2 now filming, DC has also thrived when they do independent and self-contained movies and shows. Having creators tapped for Elseworlds stories wouldn’t hurt the new DCU and, instead, give WBD more content for audiences to consume. The canceled Strange Adventures TV show was a project that could have helped them with that, especially on the small screen. Kingdom Come seems to be an obvious candidate, as Gunn has teased numerous times on social media that the arc may factor into his DC plans.

DC has always succeeded as a comic book brand when they allow stories to exist both within and outside main continuities. It gives various audience groups a chance to find something that connects with them personally if something else in the brand isn’t for them. That is another huge reason why the Arrowverse and the DCU were able to co-exist for years at the same time, where if something didn’t appeal to various fans with the films, there was another universe they could tap into, and vice versa with the Arrowverse and DCU. As 2022 closes out, there will hopefully be more updates on the future of the DCU in 2023 and what Elseworlds-type projects they are working on.

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