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When The Flash Movie Trailer Will Release Revealed


A new The Flash movie trailer will finally be released in 2023 at the Super Bowl, featuring Ezra Miller as the Scarlet Speedster, Barry Allen.

A new report has confirmed when The Flash movie trailer will finally be released in 2023, as Ezra Miller returns to the DC Universe as Barry Allen. The Scarlet Speedster returns to the big screen in 2023, with Miller donning the red suit again. Despite facing multiple legal controversies in 2022, Miller’s The Flash film is going forward, which has been in the works since 2014. After being stuck in development hell for years, It filmmaker Andy Muschieti is bringing the fastest man alive’s first solo movie adventure to life. Originally, The Flash was going to be released last month but was delayed till next summer due to heavy post-production work.


While there hasn’t been any new footage released for The Flash movie, the wait is almost over. According to The Wrap, Warner Bros. Discovery is set to debut a brand new trailer for Miller’s film during Super Bowl LVII. This will be happening on Sunday, February 12, 2023. Per the trade, the studio is doing this because The Flash movie has continued to perform well during test screenings. The last time any new footage was shown for The Flash film was during DC FanDome 2021, right after filming had finished.

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Everything We Know About The Flash Movie

Ezra Miller in The Flash movie

Despite the many delays that The Flash has faced over the years, there are a lot of confirmed details about Miller’s upcoming DCU installment. The movie is loosely based on DC’s Flashpoint saga, as Barry attempts to bring his mother, Nora Allen, back to life. By traveling back to the past to prevent her murder, Barry will enter the multiverse. That’s why there is not one, but two different versions of Batman in The Flash film. Ben Affleck will reprise the role of the DCU’s Batman after appearing in 2017’s Justice League.

After starring as the Caped Crusader in the Tim Burton films, Michael Keaton is officially returning as Batman in The Flash movie for the first time since 1992. Once Barry travels between parallel worlds, The Flash will find himself with a different Dark Knight, one that is older and a lot further in his career. The Flash movie is also set to introduce the latest cinematic version of Supergirl, with Sasha Calle starring as the Girl of Steel. Exactly how she factors into The Flash film through the multiverse remains to be seen.

While Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot shot cameos as Superman and Wonder Woman, respectively, it’s unclear if The Flash will keep their scenes. According to recent reports, their cameos have reportedly been cut, but Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios have yet to comment on that story. Given the latest developments about the DCU, The Flash is looking to serve as one of the final films for the original universe. Wonder Woman 3 was scrapped, and there are no Aquaman sequels being planned after the 2023 installment. James Gunn’s new Superman movie will also not feature Cavill as the Man of Steel. At this point, The Flash movie will likely be Miller’s final time as the Scarlet Speedster, with the DCU essential getting rebooted in 2024.

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