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Kill Bill 3 Should Still Happen (Even Without Tarantino)


Quentin Tarantino has seemingly ended a prospective third Kill Bill 3, but the movie could happen without him as director. Tarantino has always said he’d make 10 movies before retiring and has always seen Kill Bill as one movie split into two. With this caveat, from Reservoir Dogs to Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood is nine movies, leaving the director one more project before he reaches his self-imposed limit. During the promotion of his new book Cinema Speculation, Tarantino said that his tenth and final movie would be an original story, ruling out the possibility of him directing a third Kill Bill movie, but that shouldn’t mean the death of the project.


Even if Kill Bill 3 isn’t Tarantino’s 10th and final movie, it could still have life in the hands of another director. After all, between Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, Tarantino was also a screenwriter whose work had been directed by Oliver Stone and Tony Scott. He also wrote From Dusk Till Dawn, directed by his friend and frequent collaborator Robert Rodriguez. Therefore, Tarantino could write a third Kill Bill entry and hand it over to another director. There’s also a workaround that means directing Kill Bill 3 wouldn’t see Tarantino go over his self-imposed limit.

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Quentin Tarantino Could Still Direct Kill Bill 3

If Quentin Tarantino counts Kill Bill Vols. 1 and 2 as one complete movie, then conceivably, Quentin Tarantino could make the movie without going over his limit. As much as Kill Bill is a movie about The Bride (Uma Thurman) and her quest for revenge against those who wronged her, it’s also about family and legacy. For example, in Kill Bill Vol. 1, O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu) was affected by witnessing the violent deaths of her parents when she was nine years old.

Also, in Kill Bill 1, The Bride gets her bloody revenge on Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox) while her young daughter, Nikki, is upstairs in her room. Tarantino spoke of a grown-up Nikki as the protagonist of Kill Bill 3 (via Entertainment Weekly) who would be hunting down Uma Thurman’s the Bride and Maya Hawke as her grown-up daughter Bebe to avenge her mother’s death. As this would technically continue the story of the Bride’s quest for vengeance and its consequences, Kill Bill 3 could be classed as a continuation of the same movie rather than a movie unto itself. This would allow Tarantino to direct the project without breaking his promise.

Kill Bill 3’s Story Is Too Good To Ignore

Quentin Tarantino Kill bill three maya hawke

Kill Bill 3 should still happen because the prospect of the story is too good to ignore. Focusing on a quest for revenge by Vernita’s daughter Nikki against the Bride and Bebe would be a brilliant way to flip audience perspectives on the first two volumes. Tarantino has said that Nikki’s desire to kill the Bride is just as valid as the Bride’s vengeance against those who led the massacre at her wedding. As Uma Thurman’s real-life daughter, casting Maya Hawke in Kill Bill 3 would add another level to the movie’s themes of family and vengeance.

The Bride herself even told the young Nikki that she’d be waiting for her if she ever wanted to avenge her mother’s death. Vivica A. Fox has suggested Zendaya as the ideal casting to play her grown-up screen daughter, and the internet has responded positively. Both Hawke and Zendaya are hugely popular with younger audiences from their work in Stranger Things and Euphoria, respectively, so they could bring a whole new generation of viewers to the story of the Bride.

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Given the long list of Quentin Tarantino’s unmade sequels and spinoffs, it’s unsurprising that the director has removed the prospect of Kill Bill 3 as his tenth and final movie. And yet, unlike his Double V Vega project with Michael Madsen and John Travolta, or his mooted Django/Zorro project with Jamie Foxx and Antonio Banderas, Kill Bill 3 feels like a more robust concept. There’s a solid story in the Massacre at Two Pines continuing to affect the lives of the children of those involved, and it would be disappointing if Tarantino’s self-imposed 10-movie limit means that the movie never comes to fruition.

Tarantino Is Still The Best Choice For Kill Bill 3

Quentin Tarantino Kill Bill 3 final movie

It’s possible that another director could take on Kill Bill 3, but Quentin Tarantino has a checkered past with how his stories are tackled by other directors. Tarantino’s hatred of Natural Born Killers is well-documented, so he’d likely be protective of the characters and world he created. Therefore, Tarantino is still the best choice as the writer and director of Kill Bill 3, he knows these characters, and his passion for a potential third movie shows that he has a strong idea of what he wants from it.

However, the ever-present 10-movie limit stands between Tarantino and Kill Bill 3. If he’s not bold enough to sneakily classify all three Kill Bills as one movie, another possible way around the limit would be to do it as a miniseries. Tarantino was linked to the Justified sequel series, suggesting he’s open to a move into prestige television. A Kill Bill (or Kill Bride) miniseries focusing on Nikki, the Bride, and Bebe would be much sought-after by streamers like Netflix and Prime. It would be a neat workaround to give the world more Tarantino and to continue the story of Kill Bill.

Why Kill Bill 3 Can Work Without Quentin Tarantino Directing

Kill bill vol 2 Beatrix in wedding dress

Alternatively, a fresh directorial perspective on the story of The Bride could be perfect for Kill Bill 3. The story is largely female-driven, with Uma Thurman as a protagonist, and many of the former assassins that made up the Deadly Vipers were women. A female director tackling a Kill Bill sequel could enhance Tarantino’s fictional world, especially as the prospective plot continues its female focus, centering on mothers and daughters. Action movie history is littered with men avenging their dead fathers or spouses, so having two assassin’s daughters face off against each other would be a refreshing shift from the norm.

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Looking through Tarantino’s list of favorite movies of the past decade, there aren’t many female directors listed, so if he were to hand over directing duties, a female successor wouldn’t be guaranteed. However, even if he didn’t direct Kill Bill 3, Tarantino would likely still serve as screenwriter and producer, so he would have a say in who would direct it. Tarantino hasn’t directed every movie he’s written, but he does have considerably larger industry clout now and would likely choose a director he trusted with his vision to avoid another Oliver Stone/Natural Born Killers incident.

However unlikely the prospect of a third Kill Bill movie looks in light of Tarantino’s comments about his final film, it’s clear that are still options for the director to revisit the story. As Tarantino co-wrote the Django/Zorro comic book, Nikki’s quest for revenge against the Bride could even play out in print. These multiple alternatives for Tarantino to continue the story of the Bride both in and out of the director’s chair mean there’s still hope that audiences may see a Kill Bill 3 in some future form.

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