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Knock At The Cabin Trailer Reveals Apocalypse In Shyamalan Thriller


The second Knock at the Cabin trailer reveals just how a devastating apocalypse will play out in the upcoming Shyamalan thriller film.

The latest Knock at the Cabin trailer has revealed just what the apocalypse will look like in the upcoming M. Night Shyamalan thriller. Knock at the Cabin, a project starring Dave Bautista, Jonathan Groff, Rupert Grint, Ben Aldridge, and Nikki Amuka-Bird, explores the interesting moral question of whether a loving family should sacrifice one of their own in order to stave off an Armageddon that threatens the entire world. Shyamalan, who has earned both acclaim and criticism for some of his previous projects — including Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and The Last Airbender — will be releasing the project on February 3.


While the previous trailer threatened the apocalypse, the final Knock at the Cabin trailer actually shows off the devastation, which is helping to prove the circumstances that could force the family to make their fateful choice. The video, released by Universal Pictures, teased the haunting apocalyptic events occurring in Shyamalan’s thriller, establishing bigger stakes for the film. Check out the trailer below:Related: Knock At The Cabin Continues M. Night Shyamalan’s Great New Trend

How Knock At The Cabin Could Change The Shyamalan Formula

M. Night Shyamalan Knock At The Cabin Poster

While Shyamalan is known for his twists, Knock at the Cabin is the perfect chance for him to change up a tired formula and provide something new with this next horror thriller. The trailer appears to reveal the complete plot of the film, largely because the plot seems less important to the project than the moral decision that the family will be forced to make. The image of Knock at the Cabin‘s home invaders is haunting enough, but their polite responses to the family — and even their attempts to run for the hills — help to make the horrifying atmosphere only more impactful. The film doesn’t appear to need a Sixth Sense-style twist to keep viewers engaged.

The ominous project promises a return to Shyamalan’s roots in character building, which is what made The Sixth Sense so interesting. The film also gives him an opportunity to improve his take on the apocalypse after the critically panned production The Happening, which saw plants lash out at humanity in order to punish the world for climate change and pollution. Though The Happening‘s stars insist that it was misunderstood, the core problem with the film was Shyamalan’s failure to connect audiences with the characters, which made it impossible to care when the protagonist was running for his life from gently-blowing winds. Fortunately, Knock at the Cabin centers around the relationships between the characters, which means that it will likely be able to fill the holes that The Happening left in its own story.

As an adaptation of Paul G. Tremblay’s novel The Cabin at the End of the World, Knock at the Cabin will also offer Shyamalan more of a chance to focus on characterization and aesthetics, rather than inserting unnecessary twists or confusing plot directions. Still the Shyamalan poster omitted Knock at the Cabin’s author entirely, and the story seems to be diverging from the novel considerably. Where The Cabin at the End of the World left the existence of the apocalypse a mystery, Knock at the Cabin has completely stripped that question with its open depiction of devastation, which could prove to be risky for Shyamalan as it removes the mystery of the story and means that Shyamalan will need to direct his own version of the apocalypse again.

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