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WWE Hall Of Famer Says Triple H “Loves Pro Wrestling Like It’s His Wife”


Triple H has had every role there is to have in pro wrestling. As such, Kurt Angle believes that The Game has one of the highest wrestling IQs.

Kurt Angle’s podcast stands out from the crowd because of how candid he is, and his recent comments about Triple H give WWE fans some insight into The Game’s mind. It’s tough to think of anyone who took to the professional wrestling business quicker than the Olympic gold medalist. His first match was at Survivor Series in 1999, embarking on a remarkable career full of ups and downs. Angle might have spent less time around the wrestling business than Triple H, but his word still carries a great deal of weight because of everything he’s been through.


On the most recent episode of The Kurt Angle Show, the Wrestling Machine put Triple H’s mind for pro wrestling over in a big way. When asked who has the highest wrestling IQ, Angle answered: “For me, personally, Triple H. He’s always had it. He’s not just from a wrestling standpoint, but from a creative standpoint, from a psychology standpoint, from a promo standpoint.” Angle continued, quipping that “Triple H is one guy that is so well-educated. He loves pro wrestling like it’s his wife, okay? He cherishes it. He’s really good at it. He has a great mind for it.” (h/t and thanks to sescoops.com for the transcription)

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Triple H’s Wrestling IQ Shines Through On WWE TV

Triple H stands between Omos and Braun Strowman during a press conference ahead of WWE Crown Jewel in 2022.

No professional wrestling booker ever gets everything right, but Triple H’s first several months as WWE’s head of creative has featured significantly more good than bad. Fans who watched his work on NXT will feel right at home during Raw and SmackDown episodes these days. The Game rewards fans for investing their time into the product and paying attention. This attitude contrasts with McMahon’s booking style, which almost seemed to take the audience for granted at times.

Several of the premium live events Triple H has put together have been the best WWE shows in recent memory. Even the three-hour Raw show can fly by instead of feeling like a chore to slog through. The Bloodline saga might be the most compelling storyline in North American wrestling right now, and Hunter has turned so-so ideas like Judgment Day into television staples. Again, he’s not perfect, but it doesn’t feel like anyone could step into his shoes and do better, either.

WWE’s hot streak boils down to Triple H’s experience with all facets of the professional wrestling business. This is what Kurt Angle was talking about when he gave Triple H high marks for his IQ, both in the ring and outside of it. It’s also helped usher in a new wave of WWE stars through the NXT brand, meaning that his fingerprints were all over the modern WWE product even before settling into the head booker’s chair over the summer.

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