Hugh Jackman Addresses Wolverine’s MCU Future After Deadpool 3


Hugh Jackman comments on Wolverine’s MCU future after Deadpool 3 in light of rumors that he may reprise the mutant once more in Avengers: Secret Wars.

Before he could put back on the claws, Hugh Jackman is already commenting on Wolverine’s MCU future after Deadpool 3. The Australian actor has been synonymous with the mutant role thanks to his fantastic portrayal of the character for 17 years across multiple Fox/Marvel films. However, in his almost two decades inhabiting the part, he was never involved in the MCU, given the complicated character rights of the X-Men, which only reverted to Marvel Studios after Disney’s acquisition of Fox’s TV and movie assets in 2019. By that time, Jackman had already retired as Wolverine in James Mangold’s Logan. Despite the clamor for him to reprise the role again in light of this big news, he stuck to his decision, until news broke out that he will be revisiting the character in Deadpool 3.


While seeing Jackman as Wolverine again in any Marvel Studios project would have already been a treat, there has always been a special interest in seeing him again as the Adamantium-clawed mutant opposite Deadpool. Luckily, Ryan Reynolds relentlessly campaigned for Wolverine to appear in Deadpool 3 which helped in the Oscar-nominated actor’s eventual decision to unretire the part and join the threequel. Beyond that, however, it’s uncertain what lies ahead for the X-Men, with Jackman giving The Empire Film Podcast offering a candid response when asked about Wolverine’s MCU’s future after Deadpool 3. Read his full quote below:

“I imagine every movie as a one-and-done. That’s how I see it. I’ll be honest, I had a two-picture deal at the beginning, but I still assumed it was a one-and-done. You know, back then, there were no comic movies. I just take it one at a time. I’m lucky in that way, I don’t have to think beyond that, but I think it’s the best way to go.”

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Will Jackman Continue To Play Wolverine In The MCU After Deadpool 3?

Hugh Jackman's final fight in Logan

By the time news broke out that Jackman was returning as Wolverine in Deadpool 3, it seemed like all hope was already lost with regard to the idea. For years, the actor was adamant that he was already done with the role and was even excited to see who Marvel Studios’ next pick will be for the role. Jackman knows that the MCU will eventually have to recast the character with someone younger, so they could play the role for years as he did for Fox. It’s highly unlikely that Jackman joining Deadpool 3 changed this. Despite the actor’s impending return, it’s understood that it won’t be a permanent gig. Instead, it’s more of a special treat for audiences who were disappointed to not see Jackman’s Wolverine with this revamped version of Deadpool.

The fact that it was already confirmed that Deadpool 3 takes place before Logan further supports this theory. Aside from the physical toll of having to prepare for the role, Wolverine’s brilliant send-off in the Mangold-directed film was also a big factor in Jackman’s decision to stay retired as the character. It’s no secret that revisiting the role poses risks in terms of his overall legacy, but the fact that Deadpool 3 is careful not to undo anything that happens in Logan means that Marvel Studios are protective of the project. So, although Wolverine will return in the threequel, it doesn’t change his tragic but beautiful ending.

Why Jackman’s Wolverine Needs To Return For Avengers 6

Hugh Jackman in X-Men: Origins: Wolverine and Secret Wars comics

Despite his limited time in the MCU, it’s almost imperative for Jackman’s Wolverine to be in Avengers: Secret Wars. The Multiverse Saga-capper still doesn’t have a director attached to it; regardless of whether Marvel Studios haven’t made the pick or just holding off the announcement, this makes sense since the film isn’t slated for release until 2026. Thanks to its title, which confirms the Marvel Comics narrative that it is mining inspiration from, there’s some kind of expectation about what it could be. With his history as Wolverine, Avengers: Secret Wars is the next best MCU project for him to appear in after Deadpool 3.

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Source: The Empire Film Podcast

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