Why Did Miles Send An Invite To Andi in Glass Onion?


Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery unravels a complex mystery that centers on Andi and Miles begging the question of why the latter invited the former.

Warning: Contains MAJOR spoilers for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery centers around two characters, Miles and Andi, with the film raising the question of why the former invited the latter to his island after the mystery is revealed. For the first half of Glass Onion, writer-director Rian Johnson stages the film as a typical whodunit, with Blanc attending Miles’ island getaway suspecting foul play. However, the film’s nonlinear narrative makes it clear that Blanc arrived on Miles’ island with Andi, who is revealed to actually be Helen, the former’s twin sister, both played by Janelle Monáe.


Andi was found dead days before the island getaway, with Helen suspecting one of the attendees. After telling Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc of her suspicions, the duo travel to the island, using Andi’s invitation, and mingle with the other invited guests. However, knowing of Andi’s death and the film revealing that Miles – former Hulk actor Edward Norton – was the one who killed her, the question remains as to why Andi received an invitation in the first place.

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Reasons Why Andi Could Have Received An Invitation From Miles

Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc and Janelle Monáe as Andi in Glass Onion.

There are a few reasons why Miles could have sent an invitation to Andi. One possibility is that the box was actually shipped before Miles murdered his former business partner. Firstly, the film establishes the estrangement between Andi and Miles very well, due to the latter pushing the former out of her business and taking full control. Before revealing that Andi is actually Helen, the rest of the invitees are very shocked to see Andi present. This is because of her and Miles’ broken relationship. However, if Miles sent the invitation before murdering Andi, it would explain her appearance among Glass Onion’s colorful cast of characters.

However, the choice to send Andi an invite might have been an uncharacteristically smart move on Miles Bron’s part. It is implied that he normally invites Andi but doesn’t expect her to arrive. If he didn’t invite her after murdering her, it would demonstrate that he knew she was dead, so the invite could have been sent to cover his own tracks. While a happenstance of timing or a clever diversion might be behind Andi’s Glass Onion invite, the invitation has been seen by some audiences as a plot hole, considering Miles’ later murder of Andi.

Is Miles Sending Andi An Invitation A Glass Onion Plot Hole?

Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, Madelyn Cline, Dave Bautista, and Jessica Henwick in Glass Onion

Miles sending Andi an invitation is not a plot hole for Netflix’s Glass Onion, regardless of when the invite was sent. If it was sent before Andi’s murder, which only took place a week at most before the getaway, the above reasons are likely enough motivation for Miles’ invitation, and his murder of her plays no part. The argument of a plot hole comes if the invite was sent after Andi’s murder, as Miles would know she is dead and therefore not send one.

Yet, this point can obviously be covered by it being a move by Miles to cover up his murder of Andi. The film makes it clear that Andi sent Miles the email warning him of her finding the napkin needed to regain control of Alpha, after which he decided to murder her to keep her quiet. It is possible then, that Miles left an invitation for Andi in her house so as to cover his tracks as he would not have invited Andi had he known she was dead, before Glass Onion’s ending foiled Miles’ plans. This way, when Andi’s body was found, the police would find Miles’ invitation under the guise of reconciling with her and likely rule him out as any kind of suspect. Either way, Miles sending Andi an invitation in Glass Onion makes sense for various reasons.

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