The Flash Movie Merch Reveals Michael Keaton’s New Batwing


New merchandise for The Flash movie reveals Michael Keaton’s new version of the Batwing, which is getting a significant upgrade from the 1989 film.

New merchandise for The Flash movie has revealed the first look at Michael Keaton’s new version of the Batwing. 2023 will be a big year for the Dark Knight, thanks to The Flash film with Ezra Miller. Ben Affleck will reprise his DC Universe version of Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman. However, The Flash is tapping into the multiverse, which will see the return of Keaton’s Batman from the Tim Burton universe. This will be the first time Keaton portrays the DC icon since 1992’s Batman Returns. Keaton’s Batman comes into play after Barry Allen accidentally gets stuck in a different universe.


While the DCU installment is more than half a year away, a new The Flash movie trailer is arriving in February 2023. However, another look has already been revealed from the DCU film, and it’s all about Keaton’s Batman. Thanks to The Flash Film Brazil Twitter page, a new image for the merchandise has made its way online. The merch is for none other than Keaton’s Batwing, which is being referred to as the “Ultimate Batwing.” Check out the full design below:

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How Keaton’s New Batwing Compares To 1989’s Batman

Batwing Flying Over Gotham - Tim Burton's Batman 1989

The term “Ultimate Batwing” seems to be something The Flash film is creating specifically for Keaton’s Batman. There is not a version of the ship in the comics that goes by “Ultimate Batwing.” Based on the merch design, this iteration of the Batwing has a slicker, futuristic look. It’s key to remember that The Flash film will follow Keaton’s Batman, who is a lot older at this point. Given the time span that has passed, Keaton’s Batman has likely made several upgrades over the decades.

Until more footage is shown, it’s hard to tell how the new Batwing compares to Keaton’s original ship from Batman ’89. Hypothetically, The Flash movie will likely depict Keaton’s Batwing as a lot more advanced and even stronger, allowing him to take on more targets. That may explain how Keaton’s Batman is able to fight side-by-side with The Flash and Supergirl. It wouldn’t be shocking if the new Batwing has gotten to a point where it maybe can go to bigger lengths, maybe even as far as into space. The new design may come in handy since The Flash movie will see the return of General Zod, potentially as one of the threats.

Will More Bat Vehicles Appear In The Flash?

Michael Keaton Batmobile 1989

Even though it was under a cover, the first The Flash teaser footage confirmed that the Batmobile would make an appearance in the film. Whether it will have a similar upgraded look as the “Ultimate Batwing” remains to be seen. In addition to the Bat vehicles operated by Keaton’s character, Affleck’s Batman will be driving a new Batcycle. Set photos and videos from The Flash production revealed that Affleck’s DCU version would at one point drive around on a Batcycle. It’s possible some of these Bat vehicles will be shown in action in The Flash movie trailer, perhaps both inside and outside the Batcave.

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Source: The Flash Film Brazil/Twitter

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