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MCU Nova Fan Art Gives Miles Teller His Second Chance At A Marvel Hero


MCU Nova fan art gives Miles Teller his second chance at playing a Marvel hero after playing Mister Fantastic in the disastrous Fantastic Four reboot.

Miles Teller gets a shot at Marvel redemption with fan art that portrays him as the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Nova. Ever since entering the cosmic side, the MCU has been building up grand characters and telling epic storylines that focus on such pace-faring adventurers as the Guardians of the Galaxy. Several characters have been hinted at over the years, including Silver Surfer, Galactus and Adam Warlock, who will make his debut in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 later this year. One character who has had the potential to appear is Richard Rider, better known as the cosmic hero Nova. Besides the appearance of the Nova Corp., there has been speculation on where Rider might show up.


While fans wait eagerly for Nova’s first appearance, digital artist Subi Özil took to Instagram to treat the internet with his take on who should play the cosmic hero. His art depicts Top Gun: Maverick star, and former Reed Richards of 2015’s Fantastic Four, Miles Teller donning the familiar costume in a flying position with glowing eyes. While there has not been any official casting statements from Marvel or Teller, the actor’s name has come up in fan circles as a potential candidate for the role of Rider with some pointing to his role in the Tom Cruise movie as vindication for him to take the role. Check out the art post below:

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Everything We Know About The MCU’s Nova Project

Marvel Comics Nova 2

The MCU introduced the Nova Corp. in Guardians of the Galaxy with the characters Rhomann Dey (John C. Reilly), Irani Rael (Glenn Close) and Garthan Saal (Peter Seranfinowicz) being the most prominently featured. Following the film’s climax, the galactic police team took one of the Infinity Stones for safekeeping. While not shown, Avengers: Infinity War revealed that Thanos destroyed the Nova Corp., leaving the fate of several characters unknown. Originally, Rider was to make his debut in this film as the one who warns Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) about Thanos’ invasion, but he was cut from the film during rewrites.

Currently, all news regarding Nova is left to rumors, leaks and speculation, the most prominent being that the character is intended to play a major part in the MCU’s Multiverse Saga. There have also been some rumors indicating that the Rider version of Nova was intended to have either his own movie or miniseries, but following the success of Werewolf By Night and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, could instead get a one-off special. While the format of it is unknown, it was confirmed that a Rider-focused Nova project was in development at Marvel with Sabir Pirzada hired to pen the script.

Miles Teller Deserves Another Shot At Playing A Superhero

Teller has been prominently fronted by the online community as a potential actor for the MCU, not just for his acting ability, but also due to his unfortunate failed appearance as Reed Richards in Josh Trank’s maligned feature film adaptation of Fantastic Four. Teller should not be blamed for the disastrous finished project, and he has thankfully been blessed with better film roles since then, including the surprise hit Top Gun: Maverick. The good news is that Teller is still interested in the superhero genre and hopes to make another appearance in one someday. If that project ends up being a Nova film, special or miniseries, the news will certainly delight fans and audiences.

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