R-Rated MCU Captain America Imagined In TikTok Is The Movie We Wish We’d Gotten


A viral TikTok has turned the PG-13 Captain America: The Winter Soldier into an expletive-filled R-rated film, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier ranks among the most iconic modern-day superhero movies thanks in large part to how accessible the MCU is for people of all ages. To counter this, one TikTok user took matters into their own hands to create a hilarious and expletive-filled edit to show fans what could have been. The MCU has typically stayed away from coarse language and over-the-top gore to maintain a PG-13 rating for the films that have been released to bring in as many theater-goers as possible.


TikTok user The Senseless Censor! has put their own creative spin on the shield-wielding, family-friendly superhero, and his films by adding in some very suggestive censor beeps into what were originally some emotional MCU moments involving Evans’ Cap. Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Furry and Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter also caught some hilarious strays in the perfectly-cut edit, in which the two supporting characters also have a couple of their original lines bleeped out. Check out the TikTok below.

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Would Marvel Ever Make An R-Rated Captain America Movie?

Chris Evans and George St Pierre as Captain America and Batroc

All three Captain America films have gotten the standard Marvel PG-13 treatment by the Motion Pictures Association’s (MPA) Classification and Rating Administration. Intense sequences of violence, gunplay, and action throughout were listed as reasons behind the film’s restricted rating by the MPA. The Captain America film is definitely violent, but there’s nothing so explicit that it warrants an R-Rating. This is despite having the Captain America films tackle World War II and espionage, genres that easily can warrant an R-Rating.

Captain America’s themes are often mature and nuanced, and the films’ focuses gradually grow in their complexities. The action scenes can also get intense and brutal, but they lack the gorey Deadpool-like violence necessary for a film to get an R-Rating. In order to make an R-Rated Captain America film, Marvel would have to add more blood or increase some of the sexual tension. They could also go The Senseless Censor!‘s route and include explicit language.

Ultimately, the success of the Captain America franchise seemingly reaffirms the decision to not make them R-Rated. The tone of the installments is typically serious and mature, which is what’s important to most MCU films. Going the bloody, foul-mouthed route has worked very well for Deadpool, but that’s unique to the character’s lore. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it needs to be the standard for other MCU projects. Accessibility is important, and Captain America is a beloved comic book hero for fans of all ages. Marvel has struck a strong balance across its many shows and films, from light-hearted comedies to Deadpool. Captain America falls somewhere in the middle, and that’s perceived as one of the positive factors in the success of the films and the MCU as a whole.

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Source: The Senseless Censor!

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