Unexpected heel turn, champion retains


The first episode of WWE RAW in 2023 had a couple of big championship matches scheduled for the night. Seth Rollins challenged Austin Theory for his United States Title in the show’s main event.

Bianca Belair and Alexa Bliss competed for the RAW Women’s Championship during the show. The match had an unexpected ending, and one of the superstars turned heel by the end.

The Bloodline tried to take control of RAW this week and showed dominance by picking up two big wins to kick off the year. Plus, Dexter Lumis won his match against Chad Gable to continue building himself on the show.

The show had some good matches and decent segments to get fans excited about what’s coming. Take a look at the five things WWE RAW got right on this week’s show.

#5. The Bloodline got WWE RAW off to a good start

The Bloodline looked to take control of WWE RAW.
The Bloodline looked to take control of WWE RAW.

WWE RAW kicked off with The Bloodline already in the arena. The Usos, Solo Sikoa, and Sami Zayn said that they were taking over the show and continued to destroy the set for some time.

Kevin Owens showed up to stop them, but Zayn told him to mind his own business. This brought out Adam Pearce and some security personnel, but The Bloodline refused to leave peacefully. Owens tried to get in the ring and take out the heels but got taken down himself.

The RAW locker room emptied as superstars rushed out to stop the madness. When Bloodline finally retreated, Adam Pearce announced that members of the faction would have to compete later in the show.

It was a good start to the show’s first episode in 2023. The Bloodline ruled SmackDown for much of last year. It made sense for them to come out on RAW to try and take over.

Sikoa was booked to fight Elias in a Music City Street Fight, while Sami Zayn and The Usos took on Kevin Owens and The Street Profits later on the show.

#4. Alexa Bliss finally gave in to the dark side

Bianca Belair defended her RAW Women’s Championship against Alexa Bliss on this week’s show. The EST took control of the contest early and hit a big boot to take down Bliss.

The challenger fired back with big strikes and a dropkick to stun the champion. The EST showcased her strength by hitting a wonderful vertical suplex before sending Bliss into the turnbuckles.

The two women continued to fight before Bliss spotted a fan in the crowd in an Uncle Howdy mask. Soon after, Bray Wyatt’s firefly logo flashed on the big screen, and Alexa Bliss went crazy. She attacked the referee before unloading on Belair.

Bliss sent the champion outside the ring and hit a DDT on the steel steps. The match was called off, and Belair was busted open because of Bliss’s actions.

It was good to see Little Miss Bliss finally turn heel on RAW. It took a while for the story to play out, but it finally happened on the year’s first episode. It will be interesting to see what role Bliss plays in the relationship between Wyatt and Uncle Howdy.

#3. Solo Sikoa defeated Elias in a Street Fight

A Music City Street Fight took place between Solo Sikoa and Elias on WWE RAW. The latter started strong and hit some big strikes to put Sikoa on the backfoot. Elias stayed on the attack and nearly took out his opponent with a guitar.

The two men fought their way up the stage, where Solo took advantage. He continued to beat down The Drifter and sent him into some of the musical instruments around. Elias hit Solo with a keyboard but was taken down with a Samoan Drop.

The Enforcer kept control of the contest from there on, even after Musician Hardy tried to help Elias by handing him a guitar. Hardy escaped before Sikoa caught Elias with Samoan Spike. He added insult to injury by hitting the Spinning Solo on top of a piano at ringside before getting the win.

The match was a lot of fun as Elias got to put Solo on the back foot for some time. Both men put on a good show, as The Enforcer had to fight for the win. The Drifter will hopefully get a few victories and better bookings soon.

#2. The Bloodline was victorious on WWE RAW

Sami Zayn redeemed himself with the final pin over Montez Ford.Sami Zayn redeemed himself with the final pin over Montez Ford.
Sami Zayn redeemed himself with the final pin over Montez Ford.

Kevin Owens and The Street Profits looked to undo The Bloodline on this week’s WWE RAW. The two teams started brawling before the match began, and The Bloodline took control after the opening bell.

The heels isolated Angelo Dawkins for some time before Owens tagged in and cleared the ring. The Bloodline still got the better of The Prizefighter and punished him in their corner.

Owens tagged in Montez Ford, who went on a roll and nearly picked up the win by taking down Sami Zayn. He hit some big dives and took out The Bloodline before Solo Sikoa sneaked in with a few strikes.

Owens went after Solo, but the distraction allowed Zayn to hit the Helluva Kick on Ford for the win. After the match, The Bloodline beat down the babyfaces to prove a point.

Sheamus and Drew McIntyre emerged from the crowd and sent The Bloodline running to end the segment. The match was well-paced and had a few good spots.

The Bloodline needed to pick up the win before their title defense against Sheamus and McIntyre. It will give them the momentum they need to make a successful title defense against Sheamus and McIntyre on Friday.

#1. Austin Theory and Seth Rollins put on another solid match on WWE RAW

Seth Rollins could not undo Austin Theory.Seth Rollins could not undo Austin Theory.
Seth Rollins could not undo Austin Theory.

Seth Rollins challenged Austin Theory for the United States Championship in the main event of WWE RAW. The Visionary took control of the contest and hit some big moves to put his younger opponent on the back foot.

Rollins tried to hit a top rope move, but Theory countered it, and it looked like The Visionary hurt his knee. The Unproven One reversed a buckle bomb before taking a Falcon Arrow from the veteran. Rollins kicked out of a vertical suplex but missed a Stomp on the champion.

Theory tried to escape from the arena, but Seth chased him down and got him back in the ring. He hit a Superkick and a Frog Splash for a near fall. Rollins hit a pedigree for another near fall and started getting frustrated.

Theory hit a low blow while the referee was distracted and took out Rollins’ injured knee before connecting with the A-Town Down for the win.

The two superstars put on another solid match to show fans they work well together. Many fans wanted to see Rollins win, but it was the right call to keep the title on Theory. He will probably enjoy a long reign that could see him face some top names on the show.

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