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Nicolas Cage Is A Fatherly Gunslinger In The Old Way Clip


Nicolas Cage shows his daughter the ways of the gunslinger in a new clip from the legendary star’s first ever Western movie The Old Way.

Nicolas Cage is a gunslinger with a fatherly side in a new clip from the Western movie The Old Way. Cage has tackled just about every genre over the course of his long career, including action, comedies, thrillers, horror and even superhero movies. But amazingly, the one movie type Cage never got around to over the decades was the Western. That’s all changing now though, as the actor is finally set to star in his first cowboy film, a revenge story called The Old Way.


Cage’s legions of devoted fans were in fact treated to the first trailer for The Old Way back in November. Now Collider has unveiled a new clip from the movie, in which gunslinger Cage is assisted by his daughter (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) in disarming some very rough-looking bad guys. Check out the tension-filled new snippet from the Saban Films release in the space below:

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Everything We Know About The Old Way

Nicolas Cage as Colton in The Old Way

The official synopsis for The Old Way reads as follows:

Once a notorious gunfighter, Colton Briggs buries his past when he marries and starts a family. Years later, Briggs suffers a personal tragedy when the outlaw son of a man he killed returns to exact revenge, resulting in the death of his wife. Accompanied by his daughter, Briggs sets out to find his wife’s killer and avenge her.

In addition to Cage and newcomer Armstrong, the cast of The Old Way includes Shiloh Fernandez (Evil Dead), Noah Le Gros (1883), Nick Searcy (Justified), Abraham Benrubi (ER), Clint Howard (Apollo 13), Kerry Knuppe (R.I.P.D. 2), Adam Lazarre-White (Will & Grace), Craig Branham (Hulk) and Beau Linnell (You Can’t Run Forever). Brett Donowho (Acts of Violence) directed the movie from a script by Carl W. Lucas (Don’t Blink).

Alongside being noteworthy as Cage’s first foray into the Western genre, The Old Way is also notable for its unfortunate connection to the tragic Alec Baldwin film Rust and the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. As was reported by The New York Post back in 2021, Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed also served in that capacity on The Old Way, and was involved in an incident in which a gun was fired off without warning. The incident reportedly caused Cage to scream “You just blew my f—king eardrums out” before storming off the set in anger. Gutierrez-Reed was later accused of being responsible for the death of Hutchins on the Rust set.

Where You Can See The Old Way

Ryan Kiera Armstrong as Brooke in The Old Way

The Western movie genre may not be a huge theatrical draw at the present time. However, Cage remains a big enough attraction to warrant theatrical releases for many of his films. And The Old Way is no exception to this rule, as it’s set to play in theaters with a limited release beginning on January 6, 2023. It should not be long after before the film is made available on streaming and/or VOD. But given that this might be the only time Cage ever does a Western, his fans may wish to get out to the movie theater and experience the special event on the big screen.

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