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FTC targets ‘unfair’ noncompete restrictions that hurt employees


For the first time ever, the Federal Trade Commission has sued multiple companies and individuals claiming they imposed illegal noncompete restrictions on workers.

Included in the complaints are Prudential Security Inc. and Prudential Command Inc., as well as their owners, Greg Wier and Matthew Keywell. Also named are glass and packaging companies O-I Glass Inc. and Ardagh Group S.A.

The FTC said in a news release that the companies and individuals illegally imposed noncompete restrictions on workers, including low-wage security guards, manufacturing workers, engineers and glass plant employees.

A representative for O-I declined to comment and a representative for Titan Security Group, of which the Prudential companies are subsidiaries, denied imposing the restrictions on security officers. 

The FTC said the restrictions prohibited the workers from looking for or accepting jobs with competing companies after leaving.


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