Ben Affleck-Inspired Night Of The Batman Motion Comic Gets Poster


Fan-made, Ben Affleck-inspired motion comic Night of the Batman gets its first poster, which teases the adaptation of the unmade Affleck Batman movie.

The first teaser poster for Night of the Batman, a fanmade motion comic inspired by Ben Affleck’s portrayal of the hero, has been released. Affleck was cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman in 2013, taking over the cowl from previous actor Christian Bale. Although he gave life to Batman in three DC movies to this day – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Justice League – the actor never got the chance to star in his own solo-movie as the character, due to many behind-the-scenes circumstances.


Artist Aaron S Bailey shares on Twitter the first teaser poster for Night of the Batman, which brings to life an original take on a solo-Affleck Batman movie. Night of the Batman‘s story will be set in the Snyderverse, which the new DCU will end in favor of James Gunn’s reboot plans for the franchise. The project is a four-part realistic motion comic with the majority of the art being done with the use of 3D models and renders. Check out the official Night of the Batman synopsis and first teaser poster below:

As darkness falls on Gotham, Batman is presented with an ultimatum; Solve a twisted puzzle laid out by a new foe or fight through the hell of an unleashed Arkham.

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Why Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie Never Happened

Robert Pattinson in The Batman

Affleck was announced to write, direct and star in his cancelled Batman movie back in 2016. DC executives were said to be happy with the direction the project was taking, but Affleck himself wasn’t in the right headspace at the time to make such a big creative endeavor happen. The actor has talked in the past about not being able to crack just the right story for the movie, though reports from people behind the scenes at DC pointed to Affleck’s script actually being a pitch-perfect Batman story. On top of not having enjoyed his experience on Justice League, the actor was going through a turbulent period in his personal life, which contributed to his decision to step away from directing The Batman.

The studio then hired eventual The Batman director Matt Reeves to helm the movie with the intention of Affleck continuing to star. However, Reeves ultimately had a different story in mind for a younger version of the character and the DCEU star departed the project entirely, with Robert Pattinson going on to replace him in a film set outside any established continuity. Storyboards from Affleck’s The Batman movie featuring Deathstroke have since surfaced to keep fans wondering what the movie could’ve been.

Which Projects Ben Affleck Could Direct In The New DCU

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne in Zack Snyder's Justice League pic

Surprisingly, Affleck could return to the DC Universe after a long period of absence in two movies set to release this year: the multiverse adventure The Flash, which includes another Batman with the return of Michael Keaton to the role, and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. After that, new DC creative boss Gunn has revealed plans to find a movie in the new DCU for Affleck to direct. There are a number of projects that could use his award-winning directorial talents, such as the rumored Momoa Lobo movie, reuniting him with his Justice League co-star. Two other possible projects would be the future Justice League reboot and, obviously, the new DCU Batman.

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Source: Aaron S Bailey/Twitter

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