Glass Onion Director Reveals Surprising Inspiration Behind Derol


Glass Onion Director Rian Johnson reveals the surprising inspiration behind Derol, portrayed by Noah Segan, who has become a fan-favorite character.

Director Rian Johnson shares the inspiration behind Glass Onion’s Derol. Released for streaming by Netflix in December, The Knives Out sequel continues the mystery adventures of private investigator Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig). Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery has received praise from critics and audiences for its ensemble performances, screenplay, and Johnson’s direction. The National Board of Review named the film as one of the best of 2022.


In conversation with Variety, Johnson reveals his inspiration for Glass Onion character Derol, stemming from the “Kato Kaelins of the world” and his real-life best friend Derol Frye. Frye shares the story of the character’s inception, which occurred while the two were at his parents’ barbecue in 2021; Johnson told him that not only would the character be named after him, but that his band — Little Petie & the Mean Old Menwould be referenced, and the role would be played by Noah Segan. See Frye’s full story below and check out reactions to Segan’s portrayal of Derol:

“Back in April 2021, we were having a barbecue at my folks’ house and he took a picture of my shirt because I’m in a band called Little Petie & the Mean Old Men, and I had this one-off shirt [of the band] that I made. He was like, ‘I’m going to make a character in ‘Glass Onion’ called Derol and Little Petie & the Mean Old Men’s going to be his favorite band. I found out Noah was going to play him. And I’m like, ‘Wait, you’re going to make this dude a dork?’ ”

Why Derol Is A Glass Onion Fan-Favorite

Derol and Benoit Glass Onion relaxing

Upon Glass Onion’s release, Derol quickly became a fan-favorite character. A friend of some degree to billionaire Miles Bron (Edward Norton), Derol lives for free on his private island and largely slacks off. Miles’ other friends similarly rely on Miles for financial backing but are ambitious and controversial, making Derol a stark contrast in character. Completely uninvolved in the drama and relaxed, Derol is a breath of fresh air compared to the others who spend the film tensely on edge. Derol is seen drinking beer, eating cereal, and smoking a cigar — the only character enjoying himself throughout the tumultuous events of the film. The randomness of his appearance is precisely what sets him apart and makes him so beloved by audiences.

Nonetheless, Derol is actually a key element among many that make Glass Onion work so well. Derol adds to the film’s humor with great one-liners but also to its drama. The mystery of Andi’s (Janelle Monáe) death is at the center of the story, but this twist isn’t revealed until a third of the way — Derol’s intermittent appearances are a foreshadowing of the film’s unpredictability as they interrupt the ongoing pace and flow. In addition, Derol’s purposeful distance from the culminating mystery and tension causes viewers to wonder whether he knows more than he’s letting on or even has blood on his hands. However, Derol ends up being totally innocent and ignorant of what’s going on, which is a fun reveal in itself and makes him all the more likable.

Derol’s distinctness speaks to Johnson’s ability to craft quality characters that elevate his storytelling. Though unclear how many more Benoit Blanc stories will be created by Johnson, audiences can rest assured that Netflix has secured the rights to at least one more production. With Glass Onion turning out very different in tone and content from its predecessor, the possibilities for another sequel are endless — the very likely among them being another Segan-Johnson collaboration and perhaps another Frye-inspired character.

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