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The Offering Clip Blends Jewish Lore & Spiritual Horror [EXCLUSIVE]


Screen Rant presents an exclusive clip from new horror movie The Offering, featuring the talented Nick Blood as he makes a horrifying discovery.

Screen Rant is thrilled to present an exclusive clip from the new horror movie The Offering. The new movie merges the Jewish faith with horror to explore one of the most fundamental fears of humanity: how to protect one’s child from a threat larger than oneself. The Offering introduces Heimish, who owns a Hasidic funeral home, as his estranged son Art returns with his heavily pregnant Shiksa wife. While Art has ulterior motives for his visit, he, his wife, and his father are pulled into a terrifying plot as the dead body in their morgue has brought a second presence into their home that puts the newest addition to their family in danger.


Horror is often entwined with religion, usually Christian or Catholic faith, but The Offering looks at a different mythology to create this terrifying monster. Adding to that the family drama element of a once estranged family coming together the father desperate for the prodigal son to return while the son needs something from his father brings an element of reality and sadness into a story chock-full of supernatural terror. The Offering takes a new approach to the classic tale infusing a fresh perspective onto the demon ideology that it explores in a reverse of the horror classic The Exorcist.

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More About The Offering

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Screen Rant’s exclusive clip features Art (Nick Blood) investigating the apartment of the man whom he helped embalm, likely after strange occurrences began in their home. The apartment is full of books stacked across every flat surface, with drawings of strange symbols adorning the walls. Art discovers ominous tapes labeled “Summoning Attempt” and a cassette player. He plays the tape still in the cassette player, which features a recording of the victim logging his experience. The voice of the dead man reveals uncertainty about the reality around him as he is haunted by truly terrible dreams lamenting the mistake he made, likely in summoning the demon. Art, while listening to the tape, makes an even more startling discovery: some kind of symbol carved into the floor, likely tied to the very demon hunting his unborn child.

The horror genre often taps into the fears surrounding children, from newer box office successes like M3GAN to classic horror tales including Rosemary’s Baby. The fear for one’s child is instinctual, and the idea of something larger than life that is impossible to fight against targeting one’s child is a parent’s worst fear. The Offering taps into this fear while infusing Jewish faith and family drama into the story for a hair-raising new horror movie.

The Offering stars Nick Blood (Agents Of Shield), Paul Kaye (Game Of Thrones), and Emily Wiseman (Winchester). It is written by Hank Hoffman from a story by Jonathan Yunger. The Offering is directed by Oliver Park.

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The Offering will hit theaters and be released on digital January 13.


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