M3GAN Sees Your Negative Takes On Social Media (& Is Fixing Them)

Following the release of Blumhouse’s latest horror, M3GAN is now taking to social media to correct some viewers’ negative reviews of the film.

Following Blumhouse’s latest horror release, M3GAN is taking to social media to correct some viewers’ negative reviews of the film. Directed by Gerard Johnstone from a screenplay written by Akela Cooper, the much-anticipated release of M3GAN saw audiences flock to theaters in droves to see Blumhouse’s newest horror creation for themselves. M3GAN stars Allison Williams and Violet McGraw as an aunt and niece duo who welcome an AI robot named M3GAN into their home, causing total chaos when the killer doll goes rogue.


As M3GAN continues to enjoy a successful box office run, the @meetM3GAN Twitter page is now “recalibrating” negative reviews about the film.

Shared as brief video clips, the Twitter page has posted a handful of not-so-glowing reviews for M3GAN, which are then quickly edited into much more positive takes on the new horror release. The clips use genuine tweets from viewers, as M3GAN can be heard berating the viewers for their outlook on the film, in another hilarious move from M3GAN‘s marketing team. Check out the tweets above.

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M3GAN Reviews Are Actually Mostly Positive

Despite these few negative reviews, M3GAN has been praised by critics and audiences alike for its blend of horror and comedy, as well as for having kicked off what could potentially be the next big horror franchise. Since its release, M3GAN has received the highest Rotten Tomatoes score for a Blumhouse horror film since Jordan Peele’s Get Out, as it now sits at an incredibly impressive 95%. This praise, combined with M3GAN‘s unique promotional run meant that the film managed to easily fill theater seats, breaking records with its $30.2 million opening weekend.

While one could argue that M3GAN was destined for considerable success from the start thanks to the social media storm that followed the release of the film’s first trailer, M3GAN has followed through with its promise of being one of the horror’s genres most absurd releases to date. Praise for the film cites both Williams’ and McGraw’s performances, as well as M3GAN herself and the work that was put into bringing her to life on screen. Prior to M3GAN‘s release, M3GAN 2 was reportedly already on the cards, and now this warm welcome from audiences is believed to have pushed this sequel into development.

Clever Marketing Helped M3GAN Become A Box-Office Hit

These tweets from M3GAN are just another example of the film’s clever marketing, which has helped lift the horror film to major success by keeping it fresh in audiences’ minds. M3GAN‘s promotional run has seen multiple AI dolls invade premieres and sports events, with the Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum even dressing as M3GAN for Halloween. With Blumhouse now undoubtedly eager to propel M3GAN forward as a major franchise, many are hoping that the coming weeks will bring news of what’s next for the AI icon as she continues to make a killing at the global box office.

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