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The Flash’s Ezra Miller Will Plead Guilty In Burglary Case

The Flash’s Ezra Miller is expected to plead guilty to burglary after months of speculation about whether they will face justice for their actions.

Ezra Miller, who is set to star in The Flash, will agree to plead guilty to a burglary case in Vermont. After coming into prominence on the national stage in We Need To Talk About Kevin and The Perks of Being a Wildflower, Miller’s position in Hollywood has only grown. With their role in Justice League as the superhero the Flash, Miller set themself up for a long future within the DC Universe. Unfortunately, after taking part in several alleged criminal activities across the United States, Miller is stumbling along the way.


The actor is now turning themself in after taking part in a burglary case. According to a report by NBC News, Miller will enter a guilty plea for trespassing. In exchange, law enforcement agents will drop burglary and larceny charges, which will help Miller avoid a lengthy prison sentence. Miller’s future with DC was in doubt after a prior arrest, and it seems that their criminal activity will be an ongoing issue for DC moving forward, especially with The Flash still expected to release on June 16.

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Ezra Miller’s Controversies, Explained

Flash Facepalming

Miller, who has promised to work on their own mental health following a public and dramatic display of several alleged criminal activities, first drew major negative media attention on April 6, 2020 when they allegedly began choking a woman after insisting that they fight. Since then, Miller was arrested for disorderly conduct and assault, and has been accused of kidnapping and allowing children access to guns. The timeline of Miller’s legal trouble indicates that their controversies have only been increasing, which is a bad sign for DC. This particular incident relates to stealing bottles of alcohol from an unoccupied home.

Will The Flash Continue As Planned?

Miller is still set to star in The Flash, with DC standing by the embattled actor. With accusations of kidnapping and endangering children, having Miller on-screen as a superhero has been a long-standing PR issue for the studio. Miller is fortunate that none of their alleged activities have caused any long-term issues, as an official burglary charge could have earned them up to 25 years in prison. Yet, with so much uncertainty to Miller’s future, DC may need to consider adding the Flash to the list of Justice League characters that will be recast.

The Flash has been imagined as a potential means to reboot the entire DCU. While Miller’s charge is small, their continued brushes with the law makes it a potential vehicle to reboot the Flash as well, so that DC will never again have to worry about additional controversies. With James Gunn and Peter Safran now leading DC Studios to provide some order to the DC Universe, there is not much need to stick to old plans and retain all the old actors. The Flash will likely be released as planned, as DC was already aware of the burglary accusations. However, a DCU reboot could make The Flash better, and it may be Barry Allen’s only way forward.

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Source: NBC News

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