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Way Of Water Concept Art Shows Off Pandora’s Killer Shark In Detail


Newly unveiled Avatar: The Way of Water concept art shows off Pandora’s version of a killer shark, known as an Akula, in incredible detail.

Avatar: The Way of Water concept art shows off Pandora’s killer shark in great detail. Set more than a decade after the original Avatar, the sequel shifts focus from the jungles of Pandora to the seas as Jake and Neytiri, whose Na’vi family is now under threat of a recombinant Quaritch, seek refuge with the reef-dwelling Metkayina clan. As its title suggests, the sequel spends significant time showcasing and exploring Pandora’s oceans, its gorgeous coral roofs, and all the fantastical creatures they inhabit.


Now, some newly unveiled Avatar: The Way of Water concept art showcases one of those creatures in more detail. Zachary Berger, a concept artist and lead creature designer for the Avatar sequels, recently took to Twitter to share some concept art for the sequel showcasing Pandora’s killer shark, known as an Akula.

In the Twitter thread above, Berger explains the process of designing the Akula for the sequel and, after going through a few dozen “blue sky” exploratory versions, finally landed on the “triangular, bifurcated, rattlesnake-meets-great white jaw” look seen in Avatar: The Way of Water.

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Creature Design Is One Of Avatar: The Way Of Water’s Greatest Strengths

Lo'ak touching a Tulkin in Avatar 2

Along with its visual effects and technical achievements, Avatar: The Way of Water‘s creature design is one of the sequel’s greatest strengths. This is exemplified by the Akula, which is featured during one of Avatar: The Way of Water‘s most suspenseful underwater action scenes when Lo’ak is abandoned by Aonung and his friends and must evade the dangerous sea predator on his own. Lo’ak escapes death a few times and may not have survived if it wasn’t for the Tulkun named Payakan.

In addition to the Akula, the Tulkun is another standout creature from Avatar: The Way of Water. Soon after the sequel hit theaters, audiences became enamored with the creatures colloquially known as space whales. The Tulkun are strong, gentle, and wise creatures, but they also have a fluid in their brain called amrita that prevents human aging in the Avatar world, which makes them the target of whale-hunting humans. This turns the Tulkun into tragic heroes in a sense, allowing the sequel to drive home its strong anti-whaling message.

As seen in other works, James Cameron loves the ocean (for example, The Abyss and Titanic), though Avatar: The Way of Water is the best exhibition of his passion because of the sequel’s creative creature design. This attention to detail makes the Avatar movies such stunning spectacles that audiences want to experience on the big screen, which is what made both Avatar movies massive hits at the box office. To learn more details about Avatar: The Way of Water‘s creature design, The Art of Avatar The Way of Water book by Tara Bennett is now available.

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Source: Zachary Berger/Twitter

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