Encanto’s Madrigal Family Tease Better Explains Abuela’s Actions


Abuela’s actions in Encanto caused inter-generational pain to the Madrigal family. This tease from director Jared Bush could explain why she did it.

A tease about the family Madrigal could provide a better explanation for Abuela’s actions in Encanto. The concept of family is the very core of Encanto, giving Mirabel strength and bravery in her weakest moments. Sadly, desperation to protect her family also led Abuela to hurt the ones she loved. While Abuela’s obsession with putting the Madrigals’ magic above the happiness of her family can be hard to understand from an outside perspective, recent information regarding the extended Madrigal family sheds more light on her motivations.


Since the film’s release, Encanto director Jared Bush has revealed a plethora of information on his Twitter account. Ranging from heartbreaking details about Bruno’s mental health to smaller tidbits like family members’ birthdays, Encanto lore has managed to expand before the film’s sequel has even come to fruition. In one round of Q&A on Twitter, Jared Bush was asked whether Alma had any brothers or sisters who didn’t make it onto the screen, and the director gave the teasing, two-word response, “She might.” The possibility of more Madrigals in the world opens up several doors for the future of Encanto, while also simultaneously providing insight into the family’s past.

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A Bigger Madrigal Family Makes Alma’s Encanto Fears More Potent

Abuela Alma and Maribel look at each other in Encanto

There are two main reasons why Alma’s fear over losing the family magic would increase with a bigger Madrigal family tree. Firstly, if Alma has siblings, it is possible that they all share the ability to create magic. If this is the case, the family likely split apart geographically in order to protect their rare ability. If Alma let her portion of the magic fade, therefore, she could be putting the rest of the family at risk. This would more fully explain her questionable actions in Encanto.

A second possibility arises if Alma’s siblings do not possess magical abilities. With non-magic siblings, Alma may realize just how easy it would be to lose the miracle that has been bestowed upon her family in order to protect them. Again, this feeling of potential powerlessness would account for why the Madrigal family’s Abuela seems to prioritize magic over the happiness of her loved ones in Encanto.

Why A Bigger Madrigal Family Would Be Perfect For Encanto 2

Members of the Madrigal family standing together in Encanto

Alma potentially having siblings could mean exploring the ramifications of an extended, magical family in Encanto 2. Encanto is about self-worth, family, and overcoming generational trauma; as the Madrigal family heals their past and looks toward the future, navigating the dynamics of extended family could make for a perfect sequel story. If this extended family is also magical, the chance to introduce more creative magical abilities into the vivid tapestry that is the Madrigal family emerges. Expanding the family too far may cause the number of characters to become overwhelming, but if Encanto 2 gets the balance right, newcomers could add to the beauty of the Madrigal family.

Looking at Alma’s actions in Encanto, it’s clear her love and fear for her family, both immediate and extended, blinded her to the pain she was causing them. Even if her fears in Encanto were founded, Abuela should not be easily forgiven for her actions. Fear is not an open-ended pass to treat her family – especially Mirabel – in any way she wants. Jared Bush’s sibling tease may better explain Alma’s actions, but it does not excuse them. It does, however, leave the door open for more avenues that could help the family move towards healing in the future.

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