The Last Of Us Star Gabriel Luna Wants To Play A Major Star Wars Hero


The Last Of Us star Gabriel Luna wants the opportunity to play a beloved and major Star Wars hero — if Dave Filoni will have him.

Gabriel Luna, who stars as Tommy Miller in The Last of Us, has made it clear that he’s waiting for one particular Star Wars role to open up. Luna first earned major acclaim with his role as Robbie Reyes in Agents of SHIELD before breaking out into other roles, including a place as Gabriel in Terminator: Dark Fate. Now, as The Last of Us is taking the world by storm, Luna is making it clear that there has always been one audition he’s been waiting on – a major role in the Star Wars universe.


In an interview with The Last of Pods, Luna explains that he has always been hoping to play a live-action Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels.

Ezra, a criminal orphan turned Jedi Padawan and revolutionary, is the star of Star Wars Rebels and often serves as the moral heart of the show. Yet, though Ezra is important to the Empire’s downfall, he has never appeared in a live-action Star Wars production, and the character has fallen off the map since Star Wars Rebels came to an end, which is part of why Luna thinks he may appear in the future. Check out Luna’s quote below:

“I wrote a letter to Dave [Filoni] and a while back and it’s a dream of mine. I mean, there’s all kinds of possibilities there. I was just talking to Neil at the party and I was like, ‘Yeah, Neil [Druckmann], until we do that, until that time comes when it’s time for Star Wars,’ and I’m just wishful thinking and hoping, but once again, I will always prepare as if I have the job. If that day should ever come, I’ll be ready.

“This was me throwing my hat in for a certain Ezra Bridger. This was years ago, not ever knowing if they would ever do anything with Ezra. But it was just, that’s one, he’s probably my, besides Luke, he’s my favorite character. Well, actually, I’m sorry, R2, Luke, Ezra Bridger.”

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Will Ezra Bridger Ever Come To Live-Action Star Wars?

Ezra Bridger

Ezra’s story is left curiously open after the end of Star Wars Rebels. Despite facing off against Darth Vader himself, befriending Ahsoka Tano, and defeating Grand Admiral Thrawn, Ezra has not appeared again in the aftermath of the show. He and Thrawn simply disappear into the void together and have not been heard from since. Of course, if Ezra didn’t disappear in Star Wars Rebels, the original trilogy would have been very different, as Luke would have had another Jedi to learn from. Yet his disappearance raises the issue of a potential return.

Ezra is a major question mark in the history of the Star Wars universe, which is why he is such an enticing character. With Ezra lost in space, despite playing such a significant role in the rebellion against the Empire, he can return anywhere and at any time. Since Ezra’s former teammate Sabine Wren will be appearing in Ahsoka, a live-action Disney+ series, the current speculation is that Star Wars has to include Ezra in Ahsoka. Yet, if the character fails to appear in that show, there are still many places he can show his face. With all time before him, Ezra can really arrive anywhere.

Who Else Luna Could Play In The Star Wars Universe

Gabriel Luna

Another Star Wars character that Luna raised as a potential role is Elzar Mann, a Jedi Master from the High Republic who regularly toys with new ways to use the Force. Mann is a unique character in the Star Wars universe, as, despite gaining immense power through the Force through the dark side, he managed to cling to the light while still grasping that sense of power and control. With a High Republic Star Wars show on the way, now truly does seem to be the perfect time for Mann to enter the live-action Star Wars universe, which leaves a place for Luna to pick up a Star Wars role.

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