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Channing Tatum Opens Up On Heartbreak Of Gambit Movie Never Happening


Years after it was canceled after being stuck in production limbo, Channing Tatum opens up about the heartbreak of the Gambit movie never happening.

Channing Tatum opens up on the heartbreak of the Gambit movie never happening following plans for it to be part of Fox’s Marvel slate. The adaptation of the X-Men mutant was in development since May 2014 after the actor was officially cast to play the character. Gambit was originally set for a 2016 release date but was delayed several more times until it seemed to be perpetually stuck in limbo. Ultimately, the project was dropped with no word yet if Marvel Studios is planning their own take on the character now that they have regained rights.


Speaking with Vanity Fair in light of his upcoming film, Magic Mike’s Last Dance, Tatum opens up about the heartbreak of his Gambit movie never happening. According to the actor, Disney’s acquisition of Fox’s TV and movie assets served as the final nail in the coffin for the project, although he admitted that there were still some conversations happening about it. As far as he’s concerned, however, the Gambit film that he was supposed to star him is officially dead. Read his full quote below:

“It got swallowed up into Disney by way of Marvel when they bought Fox, and ultimately I just think that the tone of the movie we wanted to make was very far from what they wanted to do—or, you know, maybe they’re waiting to see how they do it with us or without us,” says Tatum. “We call every once in a while, but we’ve got to spiritually, emotionally, kind of mentally let it go.”

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Channing Tatum’s Gambit Movie Explained

Prior to Tatum’s casting in the Gambit film, director Doug Liman was already attached to helm the project. Since then, however, the film went through several filmmaker changes, as well as rewrites in light of the success of Deadpool and Logan. By 2018, specific plot details were still unclear, although producer Simon Kinberg revealed that it will have a romantic comedy vibe which is in line with Tatum’s previous films like Magic Mike and Step Up. Writer Reid Carolin subsequently revealed that the film has a similar vibe to Goodfellas. Gambit was supposed to start production in February 2019, but that ultimately didn’t push through in light of Disney’s historic deal with Fox.

Based on Tatum’s interview, however, it seems like Marvel Studios are not totally closing the door on a Gambit film. The fact that Kevin Feige and his team are moving forward with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 with Wolverine proves that they are open to cherry-picking elements from the Fox/X-Men franchise and bringing them over to the MCU. What’s more interesting is Tatum’s reveal that Marvel Studios aren’t keen on their comedic approach to Gambit (at least according to Kinberg). It seems like their plan fits great with MCU’s typically lighthearted projects.

Could Channing Tatum Play Gambit In The MCU?

MCU Xmen movies keep channing tatum as Gambit

While it seems like Tatum has accepted that his Gambit film is never happening, it doesn’t mean that he will never be able to play the character. Since the lines of communication between him and Marvel Studios are open, they could reach an agreement down the road on collaborating once they are able to reconcile their creative differences regarding the character. If a long-term partnership isn’t really going to work out, perhaps a cameo through the evolving Multiverse Saga can finally give Tatum the chance to briefly bring Gambit to life.

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