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Liam Williams has spent 33 professional rounds in the ring with Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr and is perfectly placed to compare the two.

Many, including Smith, have questioned whether having Roy Jones as his trainer is benefitting Eubank Jr.

Williams thinks it is working for him.

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The war of words between Eubank Jr and Smith is never dull and there have been plenty of memorable one-liners ahead of their Saturday showdown

“He’s obviously a good fighter, credit where it’s due. I’m not his biggest fan man to man as a person but give him his credit he’s a good fighter,” Williams said of Eubank.

“He’s sharp, he’s obviously very fit. I do think he’s improved a little bit under Roy Jones. He’s not all guns blazing, but then again on the other hand that could be his downfall. Because he’s always been known for really putting on the pressure, work rate and having too much engine for people.

“You could look at it both ways but I think technically he’s definitely improved a bit for sure.”

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He is, though, tipping Smith to beat him.

“I do really rate him,” Williams said of Smith. “He’s very well schooled, he’s got the basics nailed down really well. Obviously he’s got a good engine, he puts that pressure on. A good body puncher, he sets up the attacks really well. I think it’s an interesting fight for sure but I feel like Smith is going to win this fight.”

To win, though, Smith will have take to take the action exactly where Eubank likes to box. The Liverpudlian works best up close at short range. To do that he will have to get forward on the front foot. That is precisely the style Eubank Jr prefers.

“That’s why it’s interesting because Smith doesn’t like to take a backward step,” Williams said. “Eubank is not one to be bullied. He’s got that mindset. His mindset is almost like he’s unbeatable. He’s strong mentally, that’s not to say he can’t be beaten.

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Eubank Jr says he has ‘rattled’ Smith after receiving heated messages from him ahead of their showdown in Manchester

“That’s what makes it interesting – they’re both very mentally strong, I feel and I just think they’re not going to want to be bullied or pushed back. So I think it’s a going to be a cracking fight.

“I think Smith is going to win,” he concluded. “It’s a very even fight. But I think Smith might just have that little too much work rate and nick it on the cards.”

Williams moves on

Williams came back from his loss to Eubank Jr with a low-key win over Nizar Trimech in November.

A former world title challenger, the Welshman still wants to work his way back into contention.

The British middleweight scene is exciting, though. Denzel Bentley holds the British title. Tyler Denny will fight Brad Pauls in an exciting bout for the English middleweight championship, live on Sky Sports.

Those opponents could make for appealing fights with Williams.

“They could be good springboard fights. In my mind I want to go a bit higher than that,” Williams said. “If one of them comes up with the right deal and I’m interested, I haven’t got a problem with fighting anyone.

“People are now doubting me,” he continued. “I feel that I’ve got something to prove. It wasn’t me at my best that night [against Eubank]. I am at that level. I’ll get back there. I’m looking forward to proving a couple of people wrong and getting back to where I should be and fighting for a title again.

“I’m excited now to see what the future holds.”

Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Smith is on Saturday January 21, live on Sky Sports Box Office. Book it now if you are a Sky TV subscriber or a Non-Sky TV subscriber. Buy tickets here.


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