Demolition Man Honest Trailer Struggles With the 3 Seashells


Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes’ 90s action hit, Demolition Man, gets an Honest Trailer that struggles with the infamous three seashells.

The latest Honest Trailer takes a look back at Demolition Man and struggles to make sense of the three seashells. Released in 1993, the science-fiction action movie starred Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone as John Spartan, a cryogenically frozen Los Angeles police Sergeant who is tasked to track and take down dangerous criminal Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes) in the year 2032. When Phoenix is thawed for his cryo-prison for his parole hearing, the villain escapes into the seemingly peaceful mega-city of San Angeles where crime is practically nonexistent. With no strategy to catch the vicious criminal, the LAPD turns to Spartan as he is the one man who faced him before and won.


Screen Junkies‘ latest Honest Trailer takes aim at Stallone’s action cult classic, Demolition Man, but like Spartan, they struggle to understand how to use the three seashells.

The humorous video highlights the odd nonsensical premise, while simultaneously praising the over-the-top performances of Stallone, Snipes, and Sandra Bullock as the affable and violence-obsessed Lieutenant Lenina Huxley. However, the Honest Trailer gets hung up on the purpose of the three seashells which replaced toilet paper in the not-so-distant future.

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Why Demolition Man Still Holds Up (And Why it Doesn’t)

Demolition Man three seashells bathroom

Although the film initially received mixed reviews upon its release, Demolition Man went on to become a cult classic, remaining somewhat relevant today. The film remains the epitome of the action films of the 1980s and 90s with its bombastic action, archetypal heroes and villains, and penchant for explosions. However, the film injected a healthy dose of social satire that has had audiences referencing the film for decades.

Demolition Man briefly gained prominence in pop culture during the COVID pandemic due to nonphysical handshakes, fast-food dominance, and lack of toilet paper. Recently, Stallone took to social media and highlighted the film’s commentary on political correctness, racism, and toxic masculinity, issues that remain relevant today. However, as the Honest Trailer rightfully pointed out, Demolition Man remains a product of its time.

The movie’s premise focuses on an ultra-violent cop as the hero of the story, an officer of the law that is careless in his actions but has his methods justified by Phoenix’s inevitable defeat. Although Spartan is punished for the deaths of Phoenix’s hostages at the beginning of the film, he is still needed for his reckless violent behavior. However, as police departments have recently been placed in the spotlight due to their perceived use of excessive force against alleged perpetrators of crimes, at times resulting in death, Demolition Man stays firmly in the past as Hollywood reassesses its use of police in films and television. Regardless, the dystopian science-fiction action movie remains one of Stallone and Snipes’ best work, highlighting their strengths at the height of their careers. With Demolition Man 2 in development, perhaps Stallone can correct the flaws of its predecessor to create a modern classic that may also stand the test of time.

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