WWE Offered Stone Cold “Enormous” Money To Wrestle Roman Reigns


WWE has been searching for a massive opponent for Roman Reigns all year long. Stone Cold Steve Austin was apparently pitched as a possibility.

WWE has long sought to make Roman Reigns the biggest name in professional wrestling, and what better way to do that than to have him wrestle against Stone Cold Steve Austin? That proposal might seem like an Attitude Era fan’s fever dream, pitting the Texas Rattlesnake against the Tribal Chief. A recent report indicates that WWE actually approached Stone Cold about possibly working with Roman Reigns at one point.

In a new post, Fightful Select reported the following: “Fightful Select has learned that a pitch was made internally for a “huge opponent” for Stone Cold Steve Austin, which Fightful Select was told was Roman Reigns. We’re told at the very least, Austin’s camp was approached with the possibility of it happening, which was said to have been for ‘enormous’ money.” Fightful also details WWE’s multiple attempts to get Stone Cold Steve Austin back in a ring after a successful WrestleMania 38 outing against Kevin Owens. It’s unclear exactly when WWE approached Stone Cold about the possibility of wrestling Reigns. Still, Fightful frames the report like it was a fallback in case The Rock couldn’t work WrestleMania 39, which is reportedly the case.


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Would An Attitude Era Star Be Best For Roman Reigns?

Stone Cold pitches one of Kevin Owens' signs out of the ring before their match at WrestleMania 38.

Roman Reigns wrestling The Rock made sense on paper. Roman has been claiming to be The Tribal Chief for quite some time, and it’s not too difficult to imagine what a story between those two would look like. With everything that’s gone on with The Bloodline, Reigns wrestling The Rock at WrestleMania 39 in Los Angeles would have clicked as a storyline. That doesn’t feel like the case with Stone Cole Steve Austin.

Austin, 58, put on a great match with Kevin Owens last year. Again, that was a sensible fight. The show occurred in Texas, and Stone Cold is sort of a big deal in his home state. That feud worked despite Steve Austin not appearing until WrestleMania 38, and even then, it wasn’t exactly clear what he’d be comfortable doing. Getting him into a match against Roman Reigns a year later would feel a lot like doing something just to do it. There’s no doubt that the spectacle would be remarkable. The Attitude Era’s most significant star against modern wrestling’s biggest name. It’s also a match that looks better on the marquee than it would in the ring.

If The Rock isn’t available for WrestleMania 39—and it doesn’t sound like he is—then hopefully, WWE’s emergency plan isn’t to call up any able-bodied Attitude Era star. That kind of knee-jerk booking is how fans ended up with Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar 162 times over the last few years. Too many super-over talents would benefit from the same spot at WrestleMania 39 too. Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, and Sami Zayn all come to mind. Getting Stone Cold Steve Austin back for another match is a no-brainer for WWE, but perhaps not in a 20-plus minute ‘Mania main event against a man who is 21 years younger in Roman Reigns.

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