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MCU Gets Its New Vision In Clever Mashup Of Doja Cat’s Red Outfit


Doja Cat replaces Paul Bettany as Vision in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a clever new fan edit that reimagines her recent viral red crystal look.

Doja Cat joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe as The Vision in a clever new edit that reimagines her recent viral red crystal look. Doja Cat is the singer-songwriter and rapper behind major hits such as “Say So” and “Get Into It” with her music having featured as the audio inspiration for a number of viral Tik Toks over recent years. The Grammy Award-winning artist is known for her eye-catching looks and unique outfits. Her recent appearance at Paris Fashion Week saw the singer bedazzled with more than 30,000 Swarovski crystals in a look that quickly caught the attention of social media users.


Doja Cat’s look sparked some interesting comparisons, with some noting the similarities between the rapper’s look and Marvel’s Vision, in a hilarious crossover that has now been imagined by artist @Bosslogic.

The artist has edited an image of Doja Cat’s all-red look by adding in a few of Vision’s armor and headpiece elements. The look mirrors comic-book depictions of Paul Bettany’s MCU hero, with the artist adding a yellow cape and green bodice dress to Doja Cat’s look. This look was immediately praised Bosslogic for this brilliant reimagining, which puts forward an interesting new casting option for the MCU. Check out the art above.

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What’s Next For Vision In the MCU?

Paul Bettany as White Vision in WandaVision

Bettany’s Vision has had a turbulent MCU journey thus far following his tragic death at the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. The Vibranium synthezoid was then ‘revived’ for 2021’s WandaVision as a manifestation of the part of the mind stone that lives within Wanda Maximoff. The Disney+ series saw Vision come face-to-face with White Vision who had been sent to destroy him. WandaVision‘s final moments left many unanswered questions surrounding Vision’s future, and as of right now, White Vision’s whereabouts within the MCU are unknown.

Vision is undoubtedly a major power within the MCU, so it’s likely that Bettany’s hero will have at least some role to play in the climax of the Multiverse Saga as the heroes now come up against an all-new power – Kang the Conqueror. Reports previously stated that Marvel is currently developing an all-new Vision-centric show titled Vision Quest, which is expected to explore the newly introduced White Vision further. While this Disney+ series is likely to be the next major MCU appearance from Vision, it’s not yet known whether the character will pop up elsewhere prior to this much-anticipated return.

As audiences eagerly await answers on Vision’s MCU future, it’s fair to say that there is a clear front-runner for the role should Bettany ever decide to hang up his Vision cape for good. With the MCU set to officially kick off Phase 5 with the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania next month, all eyes are on this upcoming project with the hope that it will yield new answers to some of the more pressing questions. As things now begin to heat up for these heroes, many are hoping it won’t be too long before Vision reemerges within the MCU, wherever and whenever that may be.

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