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Jeremy Renner Was Trying To Save Nephew During Snow Plow Accident


An enlightening report explains how Jeremy Renner’s snow plow accident took place, with the actor getting run over trying to save his nephew.

A new report clears up the events that led to the Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner getting seriously injured by his own snow plow. Renner survived an extremely harrowing encounter with a snow plow, with the actor miraculously en route to a long recovery after getting pulled under the heavy machine and breaking over 30 bones in the process. The specific events that led to the accident were not made clear until a comprehensive report.

CNN accessed the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office incident report, which revealed that Renner got injured while trying to save his nephew from the snow plow.


The actor reportedly left the snow plow to try to stop it from sliding and hitting his nephew, when he got pulled under the machine and was injured. The Hawkeye lead actor apparently did not notice the vehicle’s parking brake was not engaged due to a malfunction issue on the snow plow’s brake indicator light. Renner had just finished pulling his nephew’s truck out of the snow when the accident happened.

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Jeremy Renner Accident & Recovery Timeline Explained

Jeremy Renner healing in Hawkeye

The snow plow accident occurred on New Year’s Day in Reno, Nevada, following the actor having towed his nephew’s truck off Renner’s driveway after it had been stuck in the snow. Renner would then exit the vehicle as it began sliding sideways, and the snow plow started to go down the hill. According to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office report filed on Friday, the movie star Renner did not set the snow plow’s emergency brake. The report also states that, after a mechanical inspection of Renner’s Pistenbully, it was concluded that “the parking brake would keep the Pistenbully from moving forward” and “mechanical issues may have been a factor in this accident“.

Following the actor’s exit from the Snowcat’s seat, Renner tried to stop the snow plow from hitting his nephew, as the actor realized the heavy machine was headed straight for his family member. However, the problem was that the only way Renner could stop the vehicle from continuing to slide toward his nephew was by getting back into the driver’s seat. The physically capable Renner tried to climb back up on the Pistenbully, but the moment the actor stepped on the snow plow’s moving track, he was immediately pulled under the Snowcat.

A 911 call log obtained by CNN revealed that the actor was “completely crushed under a large Snowcat (vehicle)” thus having “extreme (difficulty) breathing,” and with “the right side of his chest … collapsed – upper torso is crushed.” Renner then stayed laying down on the ground, trying to breathe, as the snow plow continue to move down the street. Renner was assisted by his nephew and other neighbors, including a doctor who helped the actor by putting a tourniquet on Renner’s bleeding legs until paramedics arrived. Renner was then airlifted to a hospital, where he stayed for over two weeks and had at least two surgeries while receiving treatment in the intensive care unit. The Hawkeye leading man is now at home, with Renner sharing a thankful post on Instagram as he continues his very long journey to recovery.

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