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Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Snoop Dogg’s Dressing Room Demands – And 1 Is ‘Important’


Jimmy Kimmel spilled on Snoop Dogg and his growing list of demands during the rapper’s appearance on his show on Thursday (You can listen to the rapper’s asks in the video below).

Snoop initially kicked it with Kimmel as a co-host during the comedian’s first episode of his ABC late night show in 2003.

Kimmel, who talked with Snoop on Thursday, revealed the requests on the rapper’s hospitality rider – or a list of items a talent wants in their dressing room – from 20 years ago.

The comedian revealed that Snoop’s 2003 asks included chicken wings from either Hot Wings Cafe or Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles, “any brand” of fruit punch, Country Time lemonade, Moët & Chandon champagne and Donald Duck brand orange juice.

Snoop’s list of asks, Kimmel noted, has grown over the years and now includes items such as a small bag of “regular” Doritos, a small bag of “flavored” Doritos, a six-pack of cranberry juice, 1-gallon of Minute Maid fruit punch and one item snack labeled “IMPORTANT”: a bag of honey BBQ Fritos chips.

“You know you’re here for an hour, right?” Kimmel asked Snoop.

“You got to look at it like this, Jimmy, every opportunity to do a television show is like a shopping spree, I get a chance to get some free groceries,” Snoop joked.



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