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Harrison Ford Reacts To Ke Huy Quan’s Everything Everywhere Oscar Nom


Harrison Ford, who worked with Ke Huy Quan on Indiana Jones, reacts to the actor’s first Oscar nomination for Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Harrison Ford has nothing but praise for Ke Huy Quan as he reacts to his former co-star nabbing an Oscar nomination for Everything Everywhere All At Once. Quan returned to acting after a 20-year hiatus with the sci-fi film Everything Everywhere All At Once. The film follows Evelyn Quan Wang (Michelle Yeoh), who embarks on a mind-bending journey through the multiverse to save the world as she connects with her alternate lives with her husband, Waymond (Quan). Quan has won numerous awards for his role in the film, including a Critics’ Choice Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor. Unsurprisingly, he was among the Academy Award nominees for Best Supporting Actor.


While speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Ford had a touching reaction to the news that Quan was nominated for an Oscar for Everything Everywhere All At Once. The pair go way back, considering they both starred in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in 1984 when Quan was just 12 years old. Ford proved that he hasn’t forgotten his former co-star and is still impressed by his acting skills. He expressed happiness for Quan and suggested he’s open to an onscreen reunion. When asked if Quan might appear in a cameo in the Indiana Jones franchise in the future, Ford would like it. Check out his statement below:

“I’m so happy for him. He’s a great guy. He’s a wonderful actor. He was when he was a little kid, and he still is. I’m glad. I’m very happy for him.”

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Ke Huy Quan Is The Best Supporting Actor Frontrunner

Everything Everywhere All at Once Waymond Wang Ke Huy Quan Fanny Pack Fight Scene

Not only was Quan nominated for an Oscar, but he is also considered the frontrunner for the Best Supporting Actor award. However, he is up against a few strong contenders, including Brian Tyree Henry for Causeway and Judd Hirsch for The Fablemans. Additionally, he’ll also be competing with The Banshees of Inisherin‘s Barry Keoghan and Brendan Gleeson. While Quan is the favorite to win the Oscar, all the nominees are very strong contenders, and it will be a close race. However, Quan has managed to come out on top for both the Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice and may very well continue this trend for the Academy Awards.

Harrison Ford & Ke Huy Quan’s Relationship Explained

Short Round talking to Indy in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Ford’s reaction to Quan’s Oscar nomination was especially heartwarming, considering their history together. The pair first met on the set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which was Quan’s very first acting role. Both Quan and his brother had auditioned for the role, but it was Quan who impressed the casting director in his first-ever audition. He was cast as Short Round, the sidekick of 41-year-old Ford’s Indiana Jones. While the two had a special relationship onscreen, they also bonded offscreen. Quan revealed that Ford taught him how to swim in the hotel they stayed at after filming, and they bonded over the swim lessons.

While the two haven’t starred in a film together since, they have reunited. Quan took to Instagram in the fall of last year to share a photo of the pair reuniting after 38 years. The photo saw Quan hugging Ford while both smiled at the camera. Quan made his feelings toward Ford clear in the caption where he wrote, “I love you, Indy.” Meanwhile, Ford has been continuously praising and supporting Quan during this award season. Prior to the Oscar nominations being announced, Ford had vouched for Quan for the award, stating a nomination would be “well deserved.” Ford has known the Everything Everywhere All At Once star for decades now, but time seemingly hasn’t lessened the affection and support they have for one another.

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