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Marvel’s Thunderbolts Is A Backdoor Sequel To One Phase 4 Movie, Says Exec


According to a Marvel Studios executive, the upcoming Thunderbolts live-action movie is very much a backdoor sequel to a specific Phase 4 film.

According to a Marvel Studios executive, the Thunderbolts movie is a backdoor sequel to a specific Phase 4 film. The Multiverse Saga is going forward as it gets deeper into the concept of alternative universes. But at the same time, the franchise is also wasting no time building out new corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As old heroes and villains have exited the MCU, new figures are quickly filling the void. One of the films that are coming up for Marvel Studios is Thunderbolts, which will see the formation of MCU’s grayest heroes, villains, and even anti-heroes. The film was properly announced in 2022 and will be one of the final installments for Phase 5.


As of right now, filming for Thunderbolts is set to happen later in the year to meet their 2024 release date. Thunderbolts is currently in the pre-production stages as they get ready for principal photography.

While Thunderbolts is without a doubt an ensemble film, it also appears to be viewed as a backdoor sequel to a certain Phase 4 movie. Andy Park, who is Marvel Studios’ Director of Visual Development, shared on Instagram a post about the Art of Black Widow. However, in the post’s original caption, Park referenced how Thunderbolts is almost serving as a Black Widow sequel. While Park edited his original post, the following caption was saved as he said the following:

“Here’s the back cover portion for the wraparound cover I got to illustrate for THE ART OF BLACK WIDOW! Get your copy today! Taskmaster, the Red Guardian, Yelena AND Valentina Allegra de Fontaine will be returning in the upcoming THUNDERBOLTS film. It’s like it’s a Black Widow sequel & these these movies are connected or something! 😉 It’s gonna get interesting.”

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Everything We Know About Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts line up consisting of Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Ghost, Red Guardian, Yelena Belova, Winter Soldier, US Agent, and Taskmaster

Plot details are being kept under wraps about Thunderbolts, but there are a few specifics confirmed already. The line-up currently consists of Yelena Belova, Red Guardian, Bucky Barnes, Ghost, Taskmaster, and U.S. Agent. Julia Louis-Dreyfus also appears in the film, reprising the role of Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. Thunderbolts recently cast Ayo Edebiri in a secret role, and Marvel Studios have yet to comment on her casting.

Thunderbolts will be directed by Jake Schreier, while Eric Pearson is writing the screenplay. The project has been envisioned as the MCU’s response to DC’s Suicide Squad. It remains to be seen if other members will be added to the Thunderbolts rooster. But given that they have only recently started adding new cast members, there will likely be more actors boarding the project that will end up on the team somehow. Since filming isn’t happening until June, there is still a lot of time left before Thunderbolts cast and characters are fully rounded out.

Is Thunderbolts Really Black Widow 2?

Thunderbolts Logo

What Park likely meant with his original statement was that Thunderbolts is a semi-sequel to Black Widow, given that half of the cast are actors from the Phase 4 installment. Even if Yelena ends up being one of the leading forces of the Thunderbolts, the film is not only about her. If this was a proper Black Widow 2, that is what it would have been called and framed as by Marvel Studios. In many ways, Thunderbolts is a culmination of Black Widow and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. By the time they start shooting, there could be other MCU characters from different films or shows being added. Hopefully, as Thunderbolts gets closer to rolling the cameras, Marvel Studios will unveil more details about the ensemble movie.

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