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Why Channing Tatum’s Gambit Movie Deserves MCU Redemption


Disney can finally make Channing Tatum’s Gambit happen in the MCU, redeeming the film that’s been in development hell for far too long.

Channing Tatum’s Gambit finally has a chance to get made in the MCU, having been in development hell for years. A potential X-Men spin-off that the actor has always been quite passionate about, a film starring Tatum as the iconic mutant thief can finally become a reality as Marvel Studios prepares to debut their version of the X-Men. As such, Gambit could finally be realized on-screen as the ultimate redemption film (not unlike Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool franchise).


Back in 2006, Channing Tatum almost played Gambit in X-Men: The Last Stand. Although Taylor Kitsch would play the Ragin’ Cajun in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it was a one-off role that ultimately didn’t go anywhere. Serving as producer Laura Shuler Donner’s first pick to play Remy LeBeau, Channing Tatum was officially cast in the titular role for a future Gambit film in 2014. However, multiple creative delays and three director changes led to the film never leaving development for years, only to be put on hold indefinitely following Disney’s 2019 purchase of 20th Century Fox.

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Channing Tatum’s Gambit Needs A Break

MCU Xmen movies keep channing tatum as Gambit

While it’s been some time since there’s been any news or updates about Gambit finally getting made, Channing Tatum did speak to his genuine passion for the character in a recent interview with Vanity Fair:

“He (Tatum) was devastated when studio execs pulled the plug on a Marvel movie he and Carolin had spent years developing, based on the X-Men character Gambit. “It got swallowed up into Disney by way of Marvel when they bought Fox, and ultimately I just think that the tone of the movie we wanted to make was very far from what they wanted to do—or, you know, maybe they’re waiting to see how they do it with us or without us,” says Tatum. “We call every once in a while, but we’ve got to spiritually, emotionally, kind of mentally let it go.”

Although Tatum seems to truly love Gambit, it does look as though the actor has begun to lose hope that the film will ever be made. Clearly, Gambit has been trapped in development for far too long, and it’s become disheartening.

That being said, Marvel Studios could prove to be Gambit’s saving grace. Marvel has already begun to introduce the concept of mutants in the MCU with characters such as Ms. Marvel and Namor, gradually building to a greater population of mutants that will include the X-Men. As such, Tatum’s Gambit could become part of that grander plan in the works.

How Gambit Could Fit Into The MCU’s Future

Gambit standing with Xavier and Magneto.

An impressive thief-turned-hero with kinetic powers, a film focused on Remy LeBeau would be very exciting for the MCU, especially if Marvel Studios sticks with the reported plans to develop Gambit into a rom-com/heist hybrid. This would be perfect for the character who’s best known for being romantically involved with the X-Men’s Rogue while also being right up Tatum’s ally. However, a full-fledged film doesn’t have to be the only way in which Gambit could potentially happen in the MCU.

It stands to reason that Gambit could easily become a spin-off series or special feature connected to larger MCU X-Men films, allowing Channing Tatum’s take on the character to finally be seen in some form. There are multiple avenues that exist in which the MCU can make Tatum’s Gambit a reality, even if he becomes just a supporting character in the near future. Here’s hoping Marvel Studios does something with Gambit before Tatum moves on completely from the role he’s been connected to for nearly two decades.

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