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Captain America 4 Theory Would Fix A Major MCU Plot Hole


An exciting theory regarding the plot for Captain America: New World Order could redeem the ending of Marvel’s Eternals and Tiamut Island.

A new theory about Captain America: New World Order could solve a major plot hole from Eternals. Although the 2021 movie ended with a giant Celestial sticking out of the ocean, the fate of Tiamut the Communicator is something the MCU has yet to address (and should). As such, it’s possible that the upcoming Captain America film starring Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson can feature “Tiamut Island” in a critical role that changes the entire global status quo with a brand-new resource.


In the Eternals ending, the titular long-lived heroes created by the cosmic Celestials formed a Uni-Mind, granting the new Prime Eternal Sersi (Gemma Chan) enough power to transmute Tiamut before he could be fully born and destroy the world, turning him into an island of marble stone. While this saved the world, it still left a giant head and hand sticking out of the ocean for the entire world to see. While She-Hulk: Attorney at Law did reference Tiamut Island with a new article questioning where the Celestial came from, Captain America: New World Order can take things even further.

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Captain America 4 Theory Solves An Eternals Plot Hole

Gemma Chan and a Celestial in Eternals

With an entire Celestial becoming such a permanent fixture out in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Tiamut Island may become a major point of interest to several world powers in Captain America: New World Order. For example, a growing theory is that brand-new and valuable resources might be found within the Celestial’s body such as adamantium. Given its indestructible nature in the comics, it’s possible that Tiamut could cause a global arms race with several nations scrambling to claim the island for themselves in the name of defense and national security, forcing Sam Wilson’s Captain America to get involved and prevent potential acts of military aggression.

Something along those lines for Tiamut Island would certainly be most welcome. After all, Eternals ended without showing any kind of repercussions or impact that the transmuted Celestial would have undoubtedly caused on a global scale. At this point, all that’s known from the article briefly seen in She-Hulk is that an emergency United Nations meeting was held to discuss the new stone formation in the ocean.

What Adamantium Would Mean For Captain America 4

Marvel Vibranium Adamantium Difference Explained

If Tiamut Island does indeed contain adamantium, it could easily become the next best MCU metal behind Wakanda and Talokan’s closely guarded stores of vibranium, if not even better. While multiple nations have tried and failed to gain vibranium, as seen in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the upcoming Captain America movie could kickstart a whole new resource conflict with adamantium, the very same metal covering Wolverine’s skeleton thanks to the Weapon X program. As such, Tiamut Island having a role in Captain America: New World Order would not only fix Eternals’ biggest plot hole but could also set up the MCUs version of a major X-Men hero.

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