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Kevin Bacon Responds to Calls for Tremors 8


Kevin Bacon responds to calls asking for his return to the Tremors franchise, offering a positive update to audiences who want to see another sequel.

Kevin Bacon offers a positive response to calls for Tremors 8. Bacon starred in the 1990 original Tremors alongside Fred Ward, Finn Carter, Reba McEntire, and Michael Gross. The film was a horror comedy that saw the residents of a small, secluded Nevada town combating giant underground worms that begin killing them off. While the series spawned seven sequels, the most recent of which was released in 2020, Bacon never returned to the Tremors franchise following the first film, however, the actor seems keen on revisiting the beloved monster movie series.


After seeing the newest Shazam! Fury of the Gods trailer, an image sparked one fan’s nostalgia for the Tremors franchise, as the moment evoked the Graboids bursting up through the ground. Twitter user @MoranMarshall then Tweeted at Bacon, asking him to make another Tremors sequel happen, to which he responded.

Despite not being involved in any sequels, Bacon offered a positive response, indicating that he would be interested in appearing in another Tremors film and seemingly looking forward to it. With where the Tremors franchise last left audiences, it may be the perfect time for Bacon to make his return.

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Will Kevin Bacon Return To The Tremors Franchise?

Bacon’s character, Valentine McKee, was given a happy departure from the franchise in 1996’s Tremors 2: Aftershocks, where Ward’s Earl Bassett mentioned that Val had married a good woman, hence wanted no part of the new threat. While writing off a beloved character through dialogue often doesn’t appease fans, the moment insinuated that Val married Finn Carter’s Rhonda LeBeck, his love interest in Tremors. However, even after the second film, Ward stepped away from the franchise, with the series then focusing on Gross’ Burt Gummer, the only character to appear in all seven movies and the short-lived TV series.

Tremors: Shrieker Island, released in 2020, saw Burt taking on Graboids and their various iterations on a billionaire’s private hunting island. However, after playing the character for 30 years, Gross looks to have portrayed Burt for the last time, with the character meeting his emotional demise in the film. With that, the future of the Tremors franchise is now open to new possibilities, with the return of Bacon’s Val being the perfect way to boost the series from straight-to-DVD titles back to prominence.

Bacon has already attempted to return to Tremors, having filmed a pilot for a planned series that ultimately wasn’t picked up. Though that series didn’t happen, the actor still wants more Tremors. Unfortunately, Ward passed away in 2022, and with Burt deceased in the films, the future of Tremors may rely on Bacon. A reboot may be possible as well, but fans of the franchise would likely rather see another movie that pulls Val back into the Graboid problem. So, with nostalgia being profitable and a star like Bacon ready to return, Tremors 8 may be more likely than ever.

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