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Teen Wolf Creator On Stiles & Lydia’s Future After Movie’s Shocking Reveal


Series creator Jeff Davis comments on Stiles and Lydia’s future in the Teen Wolf franchise after the movie sequel’s shocking reveal about them.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Teen Wolf: The Movie. Jeff Davis opens up about Stiles and Lydia’s future after the shocking revelation about the couple in Teen Wolf: The Movie. The McCall Pack returns to Beacon Hills to once again deal with the Nogitsune, but while this isn’t the first time that they’re squaring off against the villain, Allison Argent’s resurrection makes it trickier this time around. Amid the Teen Wolf movie’s fight against the Nogitsune, though, audiences get updates on their favorite characters’ lives, including a shocking plot twist about the status of Stiles and Lydia’s relationship.


Ultimately, Dylan O’Brien chose to skip the Teen Wolf movie, explaining that he didn’t like that the project was seemingly rushed. This leaves Davis with the difficult task of explaining Stiles’ absence in the film. Aside from his whereabouts, however, another big revelation about Stiles is that he and Lydia have broken up. It was the Banshee’s decision to leave her long-time lover after she started having nightmares of him dying while they were together. In an interview with TV Insider, Davis talks about what the pair’s future may look like, including if there’s a chance that they can get back together.

Oh, absolutely. You never know what happens in these stories.

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How Stiles & Lydia Could Get Back Together Despite Her Premonition In The Teen Wolf Movie

Teen Wolf Movie Lydia

It was difficult to really delve into Stiles and Lydia’s story in the Paramount+ movie sequel since it isn’t the main narrative. Instead, the project revisits Allison’s Teen Wolf season 3 death, which was already complicated enough. However, Lydia’s revelation about her nightmares could be the jumping point for another Teen Wolf project. Despite Paramount+ not ordering a sequel to the Teen Wolf movie just yet, Davis previously divulged that there have been conversations about it as part of expanding the universe on the streaming platform. Assuming that it moves forward, it could focus on Lydia and Stiles’ story, especially since Scott and Allison are seemingly set for life.

With the pair’s fate as a couple currently in limbo, there’s interest in finding out where they end up in the future. Davis is clearly open to reuniting them, and if he was able to find a way to bring back Allison from the dead, then there is nothing hindering him from reviving the romance between Lydia and Stiles. While having death visions is one of Lydia’s abilities as a Banshee, it doesn’t mean that her nightmares are guaranteed indications of Stiles’ death. Perhaps there’s a bigger mystery at play here — something that would warrant the McCall Pack to re-assemble and tackle moving forward after the events of the Teen Wolf movie.

For now, Stiles and Lydia’s future will remain uncertain, although the loose narrative thread is good in terms of the future of the main Teen Wolf franchise. Leaving this mystery unresolved is a bigger argument for doing a sequel to Teen Wolf: The Movie. While O’Brien decided to sit out the first movie due to its surrounding circumstances, the actor maintains that he is willing to revisit the supernatural franchise if another opportunity arises. That’s a great way to move the franchise forward while the new Paramount+ show, Wolf Pack is developed as a narrative separate from the main Teen Wolf universe.

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