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Austin Theory Shoots On Failed Money In The Bank Cash In & Roman Reigns


Say what you want about Austin Theory, but he seems to understand how WWE works. He recently spoke about his controversial failed MITB cash-in.

Austin Theory’s failed Money In The Bank cash-in could have sent him back down to the bottom of WWE‘s card, but he actually believes the briefcase held him back last year. He might not be wrong, either. The 25-year-old holding the suitcase in the first place was a problem Vince McMahon left behind when he retired in July 2022. Having Theory win the MITB match was questionable booking at best, and Triple H was left to navigate the situation once he took over creative duties in WWE. The company made the most out of a bad situation, having Austin Theory try to cash in for Seth Rollins’ United States Championship on November 7, only to come up short.


That was a booking choice that some wrestling fans considered Triple H’s first booking “L.” Theory isn’t of that mind, however, and explained why while appearing on Busted Open Radio. “Basically, [the MITB briefcase] just kind of was getting to the point if you were looking at it from a wide scale of ‘where’s this going.’ You look at Roman Reigns; he’s pretty much immortal right now. So, I think, for me, in a sense of, I need to be way more built up to look even possible to beat Roman Reigns. The briefcase was just kind of an anchor on me.” Interestingly enough, during the interview, Theory states that he doesn’t believe there was a plan in place for him after he won the Money In The Bank Match. (h/t, and thanks to for the transcription)

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Austin Theory Shook Off Money In The Bank Failure Well

Austin Theory waits for Bobby Lashley to finish his entrance prior to their WWE match in 2022.

Failing to cash in the Money In The Bank briefcase for the WWE Championship or Universal Championship is one thing. Swinging and missing on the US Title on an episode of Raw is another matter entirely. It’s a situation that Austin Theory could have allowed to weigh him down, taking on what Jim Cornette refers to as “boo boo face.” Wrestling fans have seen it before. The look on a performer’s face when they have to do the j-o-b but don’t want to. The current United States Champion didn’t show one iota of that—at least on television—and took the opportunity to launch into a more serious character.

Theory’s presentation has shifted since his failed cash-in, and the newfound edge has served him well enough. Fans still can’t stand him, but there was virtually no chance the old “Vince McMahon’s protégé” gimmick would ever allow him to turn face organically. His new look and approach could allow that to happen over time. It seems unlikely WWE will apply much pressure to create a babyface Austin Theory. That just isn’t how Triple H tends to book, and it isn’t how audiences want to react to him right now.

Eventually, the young man fighting for respect shtick will catch, though. At that point, all he’ll need is the right heel to walk by and drop the lit match. There are zero reasons to rush to that, though. And it’s worth keeping in mind that Raw‘s main title scene has revolved around the United States Championship since WrestleMania 38. Meaning that Austin Theory has quietly been getting in reps as a main eventer on Monday nights, even if fans don’t necessarily equate the US Title to the top of the marquee. WWE has a good one in Theory, and he understands his role in the business. Be it as the Money In The Bank briefcase winner or someone who’s supposed to be a foil for Roman Reigns.

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