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Woman Of Tomorrow Writer Reacts To Supergirl DCU Movie Announcement


Tom King, writer of Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, reacts to the DC Universe’s official Supergirl movie announcement from DC Studios’ James Gunn.

Tom King, writer of Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, reacts to the DC Universe’s official movie announcement. Following the launch of DC Studios in November 2022, Warner Bros. Discovery is finally taking the DC brand in a new and stronger direction. Peter Safran and James Gunn were tapped as the co-CEOs of the new studio that is replacing DC Films, home of the former DC Extended Universe. Under their leadership, the duo is now in charge of DCU movies, TV shows, animation, and video games, that will together create a more cohesive franchise. While a few DCU installments will still be coming out this year, the new DCU will be replacing it.


As January came to an end, Gunn and Safran made their big announcement for TV shows and movies coming from the DCU, starting in 2025. One of the projects that are in the works is Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, making it Kara Zor-El’s first solo movie since 1984.

DC Comics writer Tom King, who wrote the Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow series will be an architect on the DCU installment. Following the public announcement that the Girl of Steel will have a movie based on his comic, King took to Twitter to join the celebrations. King was previously attached to the New Gods movie as one of the writers alongside Ava Duvernay. The DC author is also going to be involved with the writers’ room that Gunn has assembled at DC Studios.

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Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow’s Story Explained

supergirl woman of tomorrow coming to the new dcu slate

According to Gunn, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow will focus on Kara Zor-El, the iconic heroine who is also related to Superman. Adapted from King and Bilquis Evely’s comic run of the same name, the film is said to be set in a world in which, unlike her cousin, Kara grew up on a lone piece of Krypton that survived the planet’s infamous destruction, putting her on a much different path than her kin. When an alien girl seeks out Supergirl for a revenge mission, the latter must step up to keep her from getting in harm’s way with the help of Krypto the Superdog.

Gunn has teased that Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow will see a much different approach to adapting the character than Melissa Benoist on The CW’s Supergirl series set in the Arrowverse, describing her as a more brutal and “f—ed up” version of the DC heroine. The new DC Studios head explained that this new behavior stems from Kara having lived the first 14 years of her life on the remaining fraction of the destroyed Krypton, where she has “watched everybody around her die,” potentially setting up other Kryptonians to appear in flashback form. While no director or casting details have been revealed as of yet, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow would mark the DCU’s first major dive into space after briefly touching upon it in Man of Steel and Justice League.

What Woman of Tomorrow Means For Supergirl’s DCU Future

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow Scott Variant DC Comics

While Supergirl is set to appear in The Flash movie with Sasha Calle, it’s unknown if she will be starring in Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, with Gunn and Safran declining to comment on her potential casting during the recent DCU event. But with Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow set to be one of the first major DCU movies, that speaks volumes to the major role she will have in the franchise, should it be Calle or someone else donning the mantle. With the Man of Steel also getting the reboot treatment in Superman: Legacy, this may finally lead to the two iconic heroes getting to share the big screen together in a future DCU movie or TV show. As 2023 gets further in, there will hopefully be more details about Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow sooner rather than later.

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