Actual Ghostface Sightings Are Happening Ahead Of Scream 6


Actual Ghostface sightings are happening across the country and gaining the attention of law enforcement ahead of Scream 6’s theatrical debut.

Actual Ghostface sightings are happening ahead of Scream 6‘s theatrical debut. The famous slasher villain, whose identity changes with every Scream movie, is returning for a sixth and perhaps the most brutal bloodbath the franchise has seen. As a direct sequel to last year’s Scream, the upcoming film finds the Carpenter and Meeks siblings leaving Woodsboro to start a new phase of their lives in New York City, only to be plagued by a new Ghostface killer hiding behind the iconic white mask.


Now, ahead of Scream 6‘s release date, real Ghostface sightings are happening across the country, gaining the attention of local law enforcement, and being reported on by various outlets.

The first instance was reported on by KRON4 News, as a person dressed in a Ghostface costume was spotted at the Sonoma Plaza in California, a block away from where the original Scream movie was filmed. A second sighting occurred in Arizona as another individual in a Ghostface costume was spotted out and about in the middle of a blizzard, as seen in a photo from Bloody Disgusting.

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Is This Scream 6’s Attempt At Viral Marketing?

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These Ghostface sightings have led some to wonder who is responsible – Scream 6′s official marketing campaign or some rogue individuals in costumes. The sighting in Sonoma’s crowded town square understandably resulted in multiple unsettled residents contacting local law enforcement, who then investigated the issue. According to the Sonoma Police Department, the person dressed in the Ghostface costume was hired by Paramount to promote Scream 6 and the issue has been addressed appropriately.

Paramount previously had success with viral marketing for another one of their recent horror movies, Smile, which involved hiring individuals to attend MLB games and smile creepily in the stands. While that campaign was harmless and helped make Smile a huge box-office success, Paramount’s latest attempt at viral marketing with Scream 6 has arguably gone too far. Instead of creating buzz for Scream 6, concerned residents are calling the police due to the Ghostface sightings.

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Source: KRON4 News/Bloody Disgusting

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