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Way Of Water Set Photo Reveals Pre-CGI Approach To Finale’s Fire


A new behind-the-scenes photo from the set of Avatar: The Way of Water reveals the production’s pre-CGI approach to the fire-heavy finale.

A new Avatar: The Way of Water set photo reveals the analog approach to the fire in the finale before CGI was added. Serving as a sequel to his smash hit original film, James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water continues the story of the Sully family as they seek refuge with a new oceanic clan of Na’vi after humans return to Pandora. The sequel has also been highly successful at the box office and earned mostly positive reviews, with critics particularly praising its action-packed finale.


A new image shared by Vanity Fair provides a sneak peek at how Avatar: The Way of Water pulled off some of the visuals in its thrilling climactic fight sequence. Check out the image below:

Behind-the-scenes image of filming for the Avatar: The Way of Water finale.

The image reveals that prior to the CGI being added in post-production, large LED screens were used to serve as lighting reference for the ways in which fire reflects off of water. The use of these screens speaks to the larger production methods used on the film, which involved doing as much as possible practically to ensure realistic-looking CGI.

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Avatar: The Way Of Water’s Practical Production Methods Explained

Na'Vi swimming in Avatar The Way of Water

Like the first movie, Avatar: The Way of Water is really the gold standard in terms of just how good and how convincing CGI can look in a massive blockbuster. A large part of the reason for this is the Avatar franchise’s unique production methods. Both films use a technique that has been dubbed “performance capture,” with actors doing as much as possible for real so that these scenes can they been more convincingly rendered in CGI.

In addition to just making the CGI characters and environments look more life-like, this production method also ensures that the many CGI characters in Avatar: The Way of Water are expressive and emotive to the same degree that real humans are. The sequel drastically improved just how much actor facial data is collected and interpreted on set, giving the Na’vi characters an incredible range of emotion, even in the most subtle sense. This performance capture is about more than just facial expressions, though, and also ensures that actors’ body language and movement transfer to their CGI counterparts as well.

This performance capture was taken to the next level in Avatar: The Way of Water because of just how much aquatic action is in the sequel. To accurately capture the way animals and humans move in and interact with water, the cast filmed performance capture water scenes in a large tank. In addition to the underwater filming, Avatar: The Way of Water also built real environments, costumes, and props, all in an effort to ensure that actors were interacting with real-life elements as much as possible and that the movie’s VFX artists always had real-world references to pull from.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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