How A Quiet Place Spinoff Carries On Sci-Fi Horror Franchise’s Legacy


Writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods explain how the A Quiet Place spinoff prequel movie will carry on the sci-fi horror franchise’s legacy.

As production is underway on the project, writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods explain how the A Quiet Place spinoff carries on the sci-fi horror franchise’s legacy. The film, entitled A Quiet Place: Day One, is expected to be a prequel to the original films, which are set in a world invaded by extraterrestrial creatures that hunt by sound, leaving an apocalyptic wasteland behind. Co-written and directed by Pig‘s Michael Sarnoski, the film is set to be led by Lupita Nyong’o, Joseph Quinn and Alex Wolff.


While speaking with to discuss their sci-fi actioner 65, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods were asked about the in-production A Quiet Place spinoff. Though unable to share any story details for the film, they were largely excited about the vision for it, explaining how A Quiet Place: Day One will carry on the franchise’s legacy. See what the duo said below:

Beck: I mean the Quiet Place spinoff that’s shooting right now: Michael Sarnoski, just an incredible filmmaker and kind of has that great tonality that he showed in his movie ‘Pig.’ And to carry on that legacy is just incredibly exciting for us. As much as we know about the story, we’re also eager to see in other people’s hands where it really goes. So if our career becomes just birthing a bunch of franchises, then we’re happy with that! [Laughs].Woods: I think people are going to be excited for this movie. There’s some really cool stuff and cool ideas. It’s going to be great.

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Why The Quiet Place Prequel Could Be Scariest Yet

An up close shot of a Death Angel opening its head armor in A Quiet Place

Though anticipation remains high for the resolution to A Quiet Place Part II‘s cliffhanger ending, the central concept of the spinoff being a prequel presents a wealth of opportunity to explore. The 2021 sequel laid the groundwork for some of what A Quiet Place: Day One can touch upon, namely how characters like Djimon Hounsou’s island colony leader and the bandits seen near the middle of the film were able to survive for as long as they did, especially considering it took place at least two years after the initial invasion.

If A Quiet Place: Day One does indeed take place at the start of the apocalypse as the title suggests, it would also set it up to be the scariest installment yet. While the post-apocalyptic scenes still delivered plenty of tension, the opening of A Quiet Place Part II proved one of the most harrowing of the films as it showed the creatures’ arrival and the sheer destruction they can bring to a fully functioning world, especially with a larger group of them in closer proximity to each other.

John Krasinski’s set photos announcing filming on A Quiet Place: Day One pointed towards the story taking place in a more metropolitan area, a far cry from the isolated feeling of upstate New York from the first two films. By placing the characters and action in a more crowded setting, that would create a more terrifying and immediate sense of danger in the same vein as the original Cloverfield movie. While audiences await new details on the spinoff, they can revisit the first two A Quiet Place movies streaming on Paramount+ now.

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