Spider-Woman Reportedly Cast For Sony’s Madam Web Movie


Sony’s Madame Web movie, with Dakota Johnson as the lead, has reportedly cast its Spider-Woman as Sony continues to build out its Spider-Man universe.

Sony’s Madame Web movie, with Dakota Johnson as the lead, has reportedly cast its Spider-Woman. Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is still going forward as the studio has multiple films in the franchise in the works. One of them is Madame Web, which will see the live-action debut of the iconic Marvel heroine on the big-screen. The film was first announced in 2019 and is officially heading to theatres in 2023. Unlike Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web has been one of the more secretive Sony-Marvel films as they have kept a lot of details under wraps. Despite having cast some major stars for the film, most of the character names have not been revealed yet.

However, it appears Madame Web will feature another iconic Marvel heroine. According to Jeff Sneider from The Hot Mic Podcast, Sweeny is set to play Spider-Woman, based on what he is hearing. According to the host, the Euphoria star is expected to portray Julia Carpenter, who is the second Spider-Woman in the comics. At the time of this story’s publication, Sony Pictures have not commented on Sweeny’s potential character reveal for Madame Web.

I’m told – there’s been a lot of speculation as to what Sydney Sweeney’s role is going to be in the Marvel Universe. I’m told that she is as rumored, I guess, playing Spider-Woman. Now, there are a couple different Spider-Women, [Sydney] was rumored to play the second one.

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Everything We Know About Madame Web

Cassandra Webb as Madame Web in the Marvel Comics

Interestingly enough, Julia is also the second Madame Web in the Marvel lore, but given that Johnson is the lead, they may be staying away from that aspect. Assumingly, Johnson is portraying the main Madame Web that most people are familiar with, Cassandra Webb. According to Sony, Madame Web follows the titular heroine’s journey as she is a clairvoyant “whose psychic abilities allow her to see within the spider world.” The “spider-world” apsect seems more or less to be the Spider-Verse, as Madame Web has been reported to be Sony’s response to Doctor Strange.

Outside of Johnson and Sweeny, Madame Web has also cast Emma Roberts and Adam Scott, who are rumored to play young versions of Mary and Ben Parker. Roberts was spotted on set with a pregnant belly, suggesting that Peter Parker will be born at some point in this film. But it also appears that a number of other Spider-heroes are supposedly popping up in Madame Web. According to unconfirmed rumors, Isabela Merced will play Anya Corazon, while Celeste O’Connor was cast as Mattie Franklin.

While it remains to be seen, Madame Web may also be featuring a familiar Marvel villain. In set photos from production, a new Spider-Man character was spotted, speculated to be Ezekiel Sims or Kaine Parker. If any of this is true, this could be the most game-changing film in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Hopefully, whenever Madame Web drops its first trailer, these mysteries will be answered.

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Source: The Hot Mic Podcast/YouTube

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