Keanu Reeves Kept The Coolest Props From The Matrix & John Wick


In his Reddit AMA, Keanu Reeves is revealing which of the coolest props from The Matrix, John Wick, and even 47 Ronin he held onto.

Keanu Reeves revealed which props he was allowed to take from the sets of The Matrix, John Wick, and 47 Ronin. The actor originally made his name from The Matrix, where he worked with the Wachowski sisters to develop a hit franchise that changed science fiction forever. Since then, he’s only furthered his reputation as an action hero with the John Wick series.

Like many actors who have enjoyed success as movie stars, Reeves has kept a few props from his films over the years. While other actors resort to stealing those props, Reeves admits that he has never really had to. In a recent Ask Me Anything thread on Reddit, Reeves listed every item he’s been able to hold onto over the years, which he insists weren’t taken illegally. Check out his quote below:

“Not stolen… The watch and wedding ring from John Wick, a sword from 47 Ronin, and the first red pill that the Wachowski’s ever gave me.”

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Why Those Items Are Important To Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves as John Wick staring at a partner

It’s not hard to see why Reeves wanted to hang onto those props in particular. Considering that The Matrix propelled him into stardom, there is no reason not to cling to the red pill that started it all for Reeves’ Neo. After all, without that red pill, Reeves never would have become a household name and wouldn’t have had the chance to enjoy some fun and ridiculous roles, including Batman in DC League of Super-Pets or Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4.

Even outside of the red pill that opened Neo’s eyes to the real world in The Matrix, those other items also represent key moments in Reeves’ life. John Wick has given Reeves the opportunity to star in and help create a franchise of his own, while building on the lore of his universe. It isn’t altogether common for a 58-year-old actor to get the chance to enjoy the life of an action hero, so it makes sense he would want to hold onto the wedding ring and watch that changed John Wick’s life the same way it changed his own.

As for the sword from 47 Ronin, while it may not have been a well-received film and isn’t generally considered one of Reeves’ best movies, it’s still a sword, and it’s not surprising a star would want to hold onto a realistic sword prop. Reeves likely kept these items out of personal connection or a sheer sense of excitement for them, and that’s not too strange in Hollywood. It will be interesting to see what he takes from the set of Constantine 2 and Ballerina, two important upcoming Keanu Reeves projects that he’s been interested in for years.

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