Chris Rock’s Rage-Fueled Will Smith Rant Is Blowing The Internet’s Mind


Chris Rock eviscerates Will Smith in his live stand-up Netflix special Chris Rock: Selective Outrage. Now, the shocked internet responds.

Chris Rock’s rant against Will Smith in a recent Netflix special is shocking people across the internet. Rock’s rant came within the premiere stand-up special Chris Rock: Selective Outrage. Unlike previous Netflix comedy specials, Selective Outrage marked the first ever live stand-up comedy set. This allowed Rock to go on a minutes-long rant where he profanely went after Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Following Rock’s rant about Will Smith during his live stand-up special, mind-blown viewers took to Twitter to express their thoughts. Viewers noted that Rock “cooked” Smith and Jada. One viewer posted that Rock finished Jada and Will the way he should’ve. I’m proud of him for holding on to that for a WHOLE YEAR!!!!” Check out a selection of tweets below.


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Will Smith & Chris Rock Slapgate Fallout Explained

Will Smith Oscars Slap Chris Rock

Slapgate, aka when Smith slapped Rock at the 94th Academy Awards, happened almost one year ago now. On stage, the dumbfounded Rock reacted fairly professionally to Smith’s public slap. After the Academy’s disciplinary action against Smith banned him from attending the Oscars ceremony for 10 years, the actor would later post a five-minute apology to Rock.

Throughout the past year, Rock has mainly kept quiet when asked about the slap in interviews. Even before the Chris Rock: Selective Outrage special, he had only recently started using Slapgate as comedy material. While not necessarily unjustified, Rock’s evisceration of Smith during the comedy special is a complete pivot from these previous reactions. Rock is now ready to address the Oscars slap, and he came prepared.

The internet’s reaction may be the most explosive Slapgate response since the actual slap. This response makes sense given the extremeness and extent of Rock’s rant. As the discourse surrounding the rant-filled ending of Chris Rock: Selective Outrage continue, it will be interesting to see whether Will and Jada Pinkett Smith chime in as well.

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