Sailor Moon Faces Her Strongest Villain Ever In Cosmos Trailer


Sailor Moon: Cosmos is an upcoming film that will feature Usagi Tsukino’s biggest challenge yet: an evil Sailor Guardian manga fans will recognize.

The latest trailer for Sailor Moon’s next movie pits her against her greatest foe. Sailor Moon: Cosmos will feature Sailor Galaxia, the last villain the titular heroine faces within the manga. This will be her toughest battle yet.

The YouTube channel, sailormoon-official, recently shared a trailer for the upcoming animated film, Sailor Moon: Cosmos. This will be the newest movie, following after Sailor Moon Eternal (2021). Like its predecessor, this will be a two-part film. A release date for North America has not yet been revealed, but Kazuyuki Fudeyasu returned to write the script and Kotono Mitsuishi will once again be voicing Usagi in the Japanese version of Sailor Moon: Cosmos. The first film is slated for release in Japan on June 9, with its second part following up on June 30.


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Sailor Moon: Cosmos Sets Up an Epic Conclusion

Within the trailer, Sailor Moon is featured alongside the Sailor Starlights and the antagonist for the film is revealed to be Sailor Galaxia. Long-time fans of Sailor Moon will recognize the villainess as one of the titular heroine’s worst and strongest foes. The other iconic Sailor Guardians also make brief appearances, as well as Chibiusa and Chibi-Chibi. Given this is a concluding moment within the manga, this Sailor Moon film from Toei Animation and Studio Deen has everything it needs to be epic.

Sailor Moon’s Biggest Challenge Has Arrived

sailor moon eternal

Sailor Galaxia appears within the fifth and final arc of Naoko Takeuchi’s iconic manga. She is the strongest Sailor Scout but chose to pursue power and it led to her taking a far more evil path. This eventually leads her to desire Sailor Moon’s power and provides the heroine with her toughest battle. With this film coming after three seasons and the Sailor Moon: Eternal films, it seems likely that this could be the end of this chapter of Sailor Moon for the foreseeable future in terms of anime and film where the manga is concerned. The story will soon reach its natural end, which will lead fans to the dilemma of wondering if anything else will come from the franchise in the future.

Thankfully, there is still some time left before Sailor Moon faces her greatest foe in her quest to protect the galaxy from threats. This conflict will be a deciding factor in what the future will look like for the titular heroine and her friends, the Sailor Senshi/Sailor Guardians. Sailor Moon is a multigenerational story of galactic royalty and each fight threatens not only her life, but also Sailor Moon’s future with Tuxedo Mask and her future daughter, Chibiusa, as well as her home world. Fans will see what Sailor Moon’s future holds, and how big a threat Sailor Galaxia will be, when Sailor Moon: Cosmos premiers on June 9th and June 30th in Japan.

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