AEW Stuck The Landing For The Young Bucks Vs. Top Flight On Dynamite


The Young Bucks wrestled Top Flight on AEW Dynamite, and based on everything else that is going on, the right team won. Tony Khan nailed this one.

When it comes to All Elite Wrestling‘s booking of The Young Bucks, things don’t always go the way that they maybe should. Matt and Nick Jackson are Executive Vice Presidents for the company and are clearly tight with owner and co-founder Tony Khan. Fair or not, this creates a perception that if The Young Bucks don’t want to lose, then they don’t lose. Some fans felt they spent the summer ducking a white-hot FTR, going so far as having Adam Cole turn on them so that they could work babyface. Professional wrestling is always full of this kind of scuttlebutt, but The Bucks are in that position because of their executive titles and because of their history with Khan.


Despite all that, The Young Bucks 100 percent did the right thing on Dynamite. Their match against Top Flight went on second, and it would have been easy for fans to overlook the bout. Matt and Nick were fresh off of winning the World Trios Championships alongside Kenny Omega—coming back from a 3-1 deficit, at that—and it wouldn’t have been shocking for them to get the win over Darius and Dante Martin. That isn’t how things shook out, though, and Top Flight picked up the massive victory clean as a whistle. It’s a moment that will propel the young tag team to even greater heights, and fans won’t remember The Young Bucks doing the j-o-b within a few weeks. If anything, AEW’s audience might actually appreciate the fact that they were willing to lose to Top Flight on Wednesday night.

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Top Flight Is Ready To Take Flight After Series Of Strong Showings

Daunte Marin grimaces after almost pinning Jon Moxley of the Blackpool Combat Club on AEW Rampage.

Fans who have been paying close attention to Top Flight’s recent booking might have smelled the upset coming. Dante and Darius have been booked incredibly strong over the last several weeks. They recently picked up a massive win over Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli on the January 11 episode of Dark. The Blackpool Combat Club doesn’t lose very much, which clearly signals that Khan was eyeing big things for Top Flight. It’d be fair to point out that BCC won both of their matches against Top Flight on Rampage and Dynamite, but the Martin brothers also looked strong in those losses. Tack on winning the 300,000 Dollar Three Kings Christmas Casino Trios Battle Royal (say that three times fast), and it’s been clear that AEW is positioning Top Flight as a top tag team in AEW.

A win over The Young Bucks only solidifies that. These victories have been a long time coming for the brothers, who suffered a string of rotten luck in 2021 and 2022. Darius Martin tore his ACL in February 2021 and couldn’t return until March 2022. Darius was then involved in a severe car accident that put him back on the shelf until November 2022. AEW still clearly believes in this young, up-and-coming tag-team, however. And Top Flight going over The Young Bucks makes a ton of sense, given Matt and Nick will be spending most of their time with Kenny Omega defending the World Trios Championships.

The Elite May Be Gearing Up For Massive Angle With Hangman

Hangman Adam Page confronts Jon Moxley during their feud over the AEW World Championship in 2022.

On the same episode of Dynamite, Hangman Adam Page was involved in a backstage interview with Renee Young. The interaction was outstanding, with AEW not trying to hide the fact that Young is romantically involved with Jon Moxley. Moxley was kayfabe knocked out on the January 11 episode of Dynamite, leading Hangman to ask Young how he was doing. The moment came off as genuine, and the two deserve kudos for that. As the segment wound down, Adam Page stated that he had recently been thinking about mending some bridges and teased what he meant a few times before eventually walking away.

It seems likely that AEW is circling back to The Elite and Hangman Adam Page story, which never received a proper conclusion. The events of All Out likely derailed any ideas that Khan had at that time. Adam Cole was also initially involved in proceedings this summer, and his injury at Forbidden Door—along with Bobby Fish leaving AEW and Kyle O’Reilly also getting hurt—cooled that story all the way off. This is an angle that fans likely want to see investigated, though, so setting it up several weeks ahead of Revolution makes sense.

The Elite are back now, and Hangman is no longer dealing with concussion issues stemming from his October 18 match against Moxley. The pieces are in place for AEW to proceed with the will-they-won’t-they storyline between Matt, Nick, Kenny, and Adam. Those four were at the heart of the Being The Elite shows on YouTube, and fans seem to miss the interactions between these four friends genuinely. Given that emerging storyline and The Young Bucks already holding the All Elite Wrestling World Trios Titles, losing to Top Flight was the absolute right choice on Dynamite.

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