Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter Body Paint Cosplay Brings Johnny Depp’s Version To Life


A body paint cosplay of the Mad Hatter from the 2010 Alice in Wonderland live-action remake brings Johnny Depp’s take on the character to life. Starring Mia Wasikowska in the titular role, Tim Burton’s kaleidoscopic adaptation of Disney’s 1951 animated classic of the same name became a major hit, earning over $1 billion at the box office. Although critical reception was mixed, Depp’s take on the whimsical Mad Hatter Tarrant Hightopp received praise and earned the actor a Golden Globe nomination.


Lauren Ward took to Instagram to share her outstanding Mad Hatter body paint cosplay, bringing Depp’s memorable Alice in Wonderland character to life.

Depp’s colorful outfit is expertly recreated on Ward’s body, even illustrating the sash of thread spools hanging from the Mad Hatter’s coat. Her makeup sells the cosplay, manifesting Hightopp’s pale visage and robust fiery hair.

Why Johnny Depp Was The Perfect Choice For The Mad Hatter

Burton’s Alice in Wonderland kicked off Disney’s latest effort to use their expansive library of animated classics and remake them with live-action versions. Unlike The Lion King (2019) or Beauty and the Beast (2017), which adhered very closely to their cartoon counterparts, Alice in Wonderland (2010) changed part of the original story’s plot and characters, specifically with the Mad Hatter. To properly reimagine the outrageous figure, Burton turned to Depp, a longtime collaborator.

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Burton first tapped Depp for the lead role in Edward Scissorhands, a twisted drama about a young man with scissors for fingers. Receiving resounding praise for his portrayal of the socially inept character, Depp partnered with Burton periodically over the years, taking roles that required eccentricity as well as a dash of heart. When tasked with translating Disney’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale to live-action, Depp was an easy choice for the revamped Mad Hatter.

Although Burton declined to return as director for Alice Through the Looking Glass, Depp reprised his role for the sequel. With worse critical reception than its predecessor and a box office haul of $299.5 million, the follow-up was a bomb for Disney. However, Depp’s take on the Mad Hatter had already captured the imagination of audiences around the world, inspiring artists such as Lauren Ward to use their craft in stunning appreciation.

Source: Lauren Ward/Instagram


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