Ally Maki Struggles With Her Depressed Father In Dealing With Dad Clip


Screen Rant is pleased to present an exclusive clip from Dealing With Dad, starring Shortcomings‘ Ally Maki and Fairfax‘s Peter S. Kim. Written and directed by Tom Huang, the film follows Margaret Chang (Maki) as she returns to her hometown to help her brothers Roy and Larry (played by Kim and Edge of Seventeen‘s Hayden Szeto respectively) deal with their jerk dad’s (Dana Lee) sudden onset of depression.

Dealing With Dad will be released by Screen Media through digital platforms on May 9, just in time to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month. The film has already won multiple audience and jury awards at film festivals over the last year, with reviews praising the script and cast alike for blending the comedic hijinx with a realistic look at familial dysfunction. A hint of that stellar combination can be glimpsed in Screen Rant‘s exclusive clip below:

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More About Dealing With Dad

Screen Rant‘s new clip from Dealing With Dad features an argument between Margaret and her brothers as they try to figure out how they can make their father take his anti-depressants. While Margaret is convinced that their dad will be resistant, Larry thinks they can simply give him the bottle. Forced to prove his point, Larry visits his bedridden father, who insists that he does not need medicine and will be fine watching The View all day long.

Aside from being a humorous look at how different members of a family handle a crisis, Dealing With Dad also spotlights the importance of mental health awareness. While some cultures may stigmatize it more than others, mental health is dangerously overlooked no matter where one lives — sometimes due to a lack of education and others due to an overabundance of fear and shame. Furthermore, a parent’s ailing condition in later years does not erase the mistreatment of their children in the past, which is another significant element in Dealing With Dad.

Screen Media is already off to a great start in 2023, with recent releases including Johnny & Clyde starring Megan Fox, The Ritual Killer starring Cole Hauser, and The Locksmith starring Ryan Phillippe. While Dealing With Dad pumps the brakes on the action and thriller genre, it exchanges explosions and cool kills for a family dramedy that is just as enthralling to watch.

Dealing With Dad will release through digital platforms on May 9, courtesy of Screen Media.


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