Pirates of the Caribbean Highly Detailed Fan Art Lovingly Recreates Davy Jones


Pirates of the Caribbean fan art recreates Davy Jones, Jack Sparrow’s tentacled nemesis from Dead Man’s Chest & At World’s End, in incredible detail.

Pirates of the Caribbean fan art recreates Davy Jones in incredible detail. Based on the character of the same name from legend, Davy Jones was first mentioned in The Curse of the Black Pearl before debuting as Jack Sparrow’s archnemesis in Dead Man’s Chest and At World’s End. Part squid and part crab, Davy Jones was portrayed through motion capture by Oscar nominee Bill Nighy and as the captain of the Flying Dutchman, he collects the souls of dead or dying sailors to serve aboard his ship for a sentence of 100 years.


Some recent Pirates of the Caribbean fan art created by combi_nzambi on Instagram lovingly recreated Davy Jones in great detail. Check out the fan art below:

With two panels, a black-and-white sketch and a color drawing, the fan art captures some of the most recognizable aspects of the character including his beard made of octopus tentacles, pirate hat, and weathered appearance accentuated by barnacles and seaweed.

Will Davy Jones Return In Pirates of the Caribbean 6?

Will Turner stabbing Davy Jones in Pirates Of The Caribbean At World's End

Despite Davy Jones tumbling to his death in the maelstrom during At World’s End, Pirates of the Caribbean 5‘s post-credits scene teases his return with Will seeing his silhouette. Though Will assumes it is a nightmare, the barnacles and small puddle of seawater on the floor suggest that Davy Jones has been resurrected. While the post-credits scene was clearly setting up the return of Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, it’s unclear if that will still happen due to the uncertainty of the franchise following Johnny Depp’s departure.

Related: Every Way Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Can Address Depp’s Jack Sparrow Exit

Disney is currently developing two Pirates of the Caribbean reboots – one written by franchise veteran Ted Elliott and The Last of Us show creator Craig Mazin, and the other a female-led spinoff with Margot Robbie attached to star and Christina Hodson writing the script. The former project is moving forward first, according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, though it’s unclear if it will continue the story set up by the prior post-credits scene or reboot the continuity entirely. Whatever shape Pirates of the Caribbean 6 takes, it should include the return of the franchise’s most famous and formidable antagonist – Davy Jones.

Source: combi_nzambi/Instagram


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Tom Lockyer to be released from hospital soon after Championship play-off final collapse, says Luton Town boss Rob Edwards | Football News


Luton Town manager Rob Edwards says Tom Lockyer will be out of hospital soon following his collapse in Saturday’s Sky Bet Championship play-off final.

Lockyer was carried off on a stretcher after just eight minutes of the Hatters’ Wembley win against Coventry and remains in hospital.

Speaking to Sky Sports News ahead of Tuesday night’s LMA Awards, Luton boss Edwards reported the 28-year-old was well on his way to recovery and would be released from hospital soon.

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Highlights of the Sky Bet Championship play-off final between Coventry and Luton

“He’s good, thank you for asking,” Edwards said. “He’s in the hospital at the moment, he’s very bored. Everyone’s checking in with him, everyone’s supporting him, he’s in really good hands and he will be out soon.”

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Rob Edwards said he was incredibly proud of his Luton team getting promoted to the Premier League, but says he could not celebrate until he was updated that his captain Tom Lockyer was okay after being taken to hospital

Rob Page expects to welcome Lockyer back into the Wales squad in September, with the manager saying Lockyer was in good spirits during a 20-minute telephone conversation on Monday.

“You are always going to phone your players and show them support,” said Page after confirming Lockyer would be absent from next month’s Euro 2024 qualifiers against Armenia and Turkey.

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Rob Page confirmed that Tom Lockyer would’ve been in his international plans before he collapsed during Luton’s play-off final victory over Coventry

“It was just to say that we are here for him, in any capacity. I am not going into detail of what’s happening or what’s going to happen. That’s conversations we are going to have with Luton Town Football Club.

“It would be silly of me to even suggest what those reasons (for his collapse) were and the most important thing in this is health. For us it’s just about getting him fit and ready for our camp in September.”

Wales, who picked up four points from their opening two qualifiers in March, travel to Latvia in September.


How Luton players and staff reacted to promotion

Luton’s Dan Potts on Sky Sports Football:

“I’m gutted for Locks (Lockyer), he deserved to be there holding that trophy. Hopefully we’ll be able to see him tonight.”

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Luton Town players chant their captain Tom Lockyer’s name after winning the Championship play-off final

Luton CEO Gary Sweet on Sky Sports Football:

“I hope Locks is OK. My heart goes out to him. He’s having tests in hospital. He’s been monumental this season. It feels wrong to celebrate without him.

“I don’t know how we recover that. We’ve got to celebrate it, there’s 36,000 fans with us. This is also for them and the town of Luton. I’ve got loads of council members and people who are every bit with us on this journey and this is for them as well.”


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These Innovators are Bringing Trains and Buses into the 21 Century


The ground transport sector is behind the times: Many bus and train companies operate without a modern ticketing or operations system, sometimes tracking sales on spreadsheets and often forcing customers to carry paper tickets. 

There are multiple companies around the world that are working to bring the industry into the 21st century, some focused on the unique problems of their own regions and some approaching the issue with a global perspective. 

Below are profiles of three companies that are working to help ground transport operators adopt more efficient digital sales and operations, which also makes a better experience for customers.


There are more than 200 bus operators in Kenya, and most of them only accept cash and track sales with pen and paper. Customers are forced to visit a booking office in person to purchase tickets. 

BuuPass, a startup based in Nairobi, is working to change that in Kenya and beyond with software that can help operators track sales and sell tickets digitally.

“It was just a broken booking ecosystem, so we created a solution that solves issues on both sides,” said Sonia Kabra, BuuPass co-founder.

Before implementing software from BuuPass, some customers had been losing up to $3,000 each day because of manual tracking, Kabra said. One of the biggest pieces of positive feedback from operators is that they have been able to repair that cash leakage. 

“They started making more revenue just because they had more visibility, so they were collecting what they actually were making,” Kabra said. 

BuuPass provides software to 30 long-distance bus operators — typically those that provide trips between cities or countries — in Kenya and Uganda. It also works with the Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway that started service in 2017. 

Customers can book tickets for those operators through the BuuPass platform.

Kabra and co-founder Wyclife Omondi, a Kenya native, met while studying at Earlham College in Indiana. They won a student business competition for their idea, which gave them the funding to start a company in Kenya. They raised $1.3 million in pre-seed funding earlier this year.

The company started focused on Kenya, then Uganda, and now is looking to expand into other countries in East Africa, like Tanzania and Ethiopia.

“Our goal is to become a pan-African booking platform for customers to book so we become a continent-wide network of interconnected transport options, and we make it easier for customers to book their travel tickets.”

There is already a mobile and digital payments infrastructure established in Kenya, so BuuPass has been able to build upon that. The same infrastructure is not as established in many other African countries, so that will be a challenge as the company expands. 


An end-to-end trip with existing technology usually requires travelers to make transactions through multiple platforms for a flight, airport transfers, a train, and whatever else they need. 

Omio, a Berlin-based ground transport ticketing platform, is trying to simplify that process. 

Online travel agencies like Booking.com are able to sell flights and hotels to travelers because they can easily access that data through third-party software systems. Such third-party systems don’t really exist yet for ground transport, which is why customers typically have to purchase those tickets through other means. 

One of Omio’s main focuses now is filling that gap in the industry, providing ground transport data that it gathers through its core business: Omio enables digital ticketing for more than 1,000 transportation providers, primarily trains, buses, ferries, cars, and airport transfers, as well as some flights. Those providers are in 37 countries, primarily Europe, though the company is focused on expanding into the U.S. as well. Many of those companies had been tracking sales on scratchpads or using old in-house technology. 

With those companies online, Omio is working to expand the sector of its business that licenses ground transport ticketing data to travel sellers like online travel agencies, enabling those companies to sell tickets for ground transport in addition to flights and hotels. Omio is currently partnering with Uber to trial how the service can be integrated. 

“It is our licensing model where a lot of third parties use us today to power their ground transport booking, and that unit is scaling quite fast,” said Naren Shaam, Omio founder and CEO, during an interview earlier this year. 

Meanwhile, Omio is still focused on growing its core business. 

With cultural shifts that happened during the pandemic, Omio decided to focus its investments on projects including mobile technology, expanding inventory to include smaller areas in addition to cities, and capturing more leisure travelers as they choose to ride trains instead of airplanes. 

“We basically cut almost all our projects across the company, and we doubled down on these three theses,” Shaam said. 

Omio is well-funded — a total of $400 million to date — including an $80 million raise in 2022 and a $100 million raise in 2020 to support expansion in Europe and the U.S. 

In 2022, the company completed more than 200 percent of the business it had done in 2019, he said. And he is projecting that number will grow another 60-70 percent this year. 


Busbud has historically been only a marketplace where customers can book intercity ground transport, particularly in the Americas. 

The Montreal-based company acquired a bus reservations and ticketing management software company last November, giving client operators access to a more modern system that enables mobile ticket sales and better operations management. It was in response to demand from clients, and the deal is already having promising results, said LP Maurice, CEO and co-founder of Busbud.

“Bus operators have been asking us for years to assist them with digital transformation,” Maurice said. “Travelers are demanding frictionless, digital, mobile-first experiences, and the industry struggled to keep up with the pace of demand.” 

There were about 30 operators using the reservation software when Busbud acquired the company in November, and now there are more than 80, he said. And there’s more demand coming from small and large operators in the core markets of Canada, U.S., Mexico, Peru, Chile, and other Latin American countries.

Some Latin American countries had 10-15 percent of ticket volume from online sources in 2019, and that number has increased to about 20-25 percent in 2023, he said. 

“The biggest opportunity within the travel industry for digital transformation is buses,” Maurice said. “We see it on both ends: on the traveler side and on the operator side.”

Larger operators have adopted the technology to help with more sophisticated challenges, such as interlining, online sales, and revenue management. But as more small and midsize operators have been looking to digitize operations and online sales, access to modern software is making it easier to do that as well. 

“The change in how consumers want to buy is often the catalyst for operators to accelerate this digital transformation,” he said. 


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Endgame Trailer Gets Beautiful LEGO Style Remake


Avengers: Endgame gets a beautiful trailer in the signature LEGO style, thanks to a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan. Avengers: Endgame marked the end of the Infinity Saga, closing the MCU’s most popular chapter in grand style. While the 2019 film did present a fitting ending to that iteration of the Avengers, the team will not stop there, with two upcoming Avengers movies — The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars — set to premiere in 2025 and 2026. Before those arrive, a Marvel fan has decided to honor Avengers: Endgame.


On Reddit, u/Doctorcinus shared their recreation of Avengers: Endgame’s first trailer in LEGO style.

Avengers: Endgame‘s ending saw half of the original members of the superhero team bow out of the MCU. While the other half could be part of the new Avengers roster that will soon debut, it will be hard to recapture the magic of the first version of the team. The Avengers: Endgame LEGO fan trailer perfectly captures the emotion of the original movie with an endearing style.

Could Marvel LEGO Movies Actually Happen?

Based on the Avengers: Endgame LEGO fan trailer being able to faithfully convey the emotion of the original film with a new sense of style, it is interesting to ponder the possibility of an actual Marvel and LEGO partnership for movies. A superhero LEGO movie would not be unprecedented, as DC managed to achieve great success with one of the comic book giant’s most famous characters, Batman, leading his own LEGO movie.

The LEGO Batman Movie debuted in 2017, receiving critical and fan acclaim, which led to the film amassing a total of $312 million at the worldwide box office. The LEGO Batman Movie 2 was greenlit after the original’s success; however, it would later be canceled. After a couple of box office failures for LEGO movies produced by Warner Bros., the studio decided not to renew the film rights to the LEGO franchise.

After Warner opted not to renew its deal with The LEGO Group, Universal Pictures swooped in and closed a five-year deal to produce LEGO-based films. While a Marvel Studios-produced LEGO movie would certainly be an enticing possibility, as the rights currently stand, Universal is the one who gets to choose what characters will be part of the next few LEGO movies up to 2025. Universal also owns the distribution rights to Marvel’s Hulk movies, which has led to no solo films for the character being produced. This way, a LEGO Marvel movie like the Avengers: Endgame fan trailer is out of the cards for the foreseeable future.

Source: u/Doctorcinus/Reddit

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Marines and group of teens brawl on California pier over Memorial Day weekend, officials say


Deputies in Southern California said they are investigating a fight over Memorial Day weekend that involved several Marines and numerous juveniles and young adults.

The altercation, partly captured on cell phone video and shared on social media, happened Friday at the San Clemente Pier, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said in an Instagram statement. The department did not immediately provide details on what happened.

A beachgoers walks on sand a at low tide north of the pier in San Clemente, Calif, on Dec. 5, 2022.  (Jeff Gritchen / Orange County Register via Getty Images file)

A beachgoers walks on sand a at low tide north of the pier in San Clemente, Calif, on Dec. 5, 2022. (Jeff Gritchen / Orange County Register via Getty Images file)

In the video, a male who appears to be a teenager punches a man in the back of the head. The man turns around and charges at the teen. During the scuffle, several other people surround and hit the man. People can be heard shouting “get his a–” and “get that f—–.”

The fight is eventually broken up after a man and woman intervene.

The video does not show what happened before the fight breaks out. The sheriff’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

Hunter Antonino told KCAL News of Los Angeles that he was one of the Marines involved in the altercation. He said that he was with two of his friends enjoying time off at the pier when around 30 teenagers showed up at the beach and started lighting fireworks, according to the CBS news station. When the debris hit him in the face he politely asked the teens to leave, KCAL reported.

“They were lighting off fireworks, they were being belligerent, they were being obnoxious and annoying other people so I went up to them and told them to stop,” he said.

Antonino said the group followed him and two other Marines to the pier and that’s when a fight broke out. He said he was beaten up and stomped on and believes he suffered a concussion, the news station reported.

Antonino could not be reached at phone numbers listed for him.

The sheriff’s office said deputies arrived on scene and all of the victims refused medical assistance.

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Department will continue investigating this matter until all individuals responsible are identified and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” the department said in its statement.

Following the fight, patrol checks were increased at the pier.

This article was originally published on NBCNews.com


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Ambiente Sedona Brings Landscape Hotel Design Trend to U.S.


Skift Take

Place what are essentially glass boxes amid breathtaking scenery. That’s the “landscape design” trend in hotels. A great case in point is the new luxury hotel Ambiente Sedona.

When Jennifer May and her father Michael Stevenson remodeled their restaurant in Sedona, they couldn’t get over how much people loved the view, which overlooks some of the most iconic red rock formations in Arizona.

“We would go have dinner there, and we would watch all of these guests that would come into the restaurant, and the first thing they would do was go outside and take a picture with that backdrop,” said May. “Because it looks like a mural — like it’s not even real.”

So one day, Stevenson came back from a dentist appointment and told May that their dentist offered to sell him the land right next to their restaurant, which was zoned for a hotel. 

Eight years later, the 40-room Ambiente Sedona is now open, as of February. The owners overcame hurdles from extensive efforts to preserve the land — rather than level it — and supply chain delays because of Covid. As an ultra-luxury property, it’s now typically priced as the most expensive hotel in the Sedona region — but also the one with arguably the most original concept. 

May calls the adult-only property a landscape hotel. This descriptor applies to a handful of European hotels, but the U.S. has none.

The goal? To make each individual guest room (or atrium, as they call them) as immersed into the landscape as architecturally possible. 

“I like to tell people, when you open your curtains in the morning, it’s like having Sedona on IMAX, right in your room,” May said.

Ambiente sedona hotel awn Exterior photo by Jeff Zaruba
External view of a guest space at Ambiente Sedona, an ultra-luxury boutique hotel in Arizona. Photo by Jeff Zaruba. Source: Ambiente.

Seeking Landscape Hotel Inspiration

May and her father looked for design ideas from two hotels in Europe, Vivood in Spain, and Juvet in Norway — both set in beautiful environments and reflecting an immersive, contemporary aesthetic. And both properties referred to themselves as “landscape hotels.”

Other landscape hotel properties include Sweden’s Bergaliv and, depending on one’s definition, Uruguay’s wine-focused experiences at Sacromonte.

“We wanted to Americanize our version of [the concept] — to make the rooms bigger and more luxurious and get in as much of a view as we could,” said May.

Ambiente sedona hotel Roof Fire Pit photo by Jeff ZarubaAmbiente sedona hotel Roof Fire Pit photo by Jeff Zaruba
A fire pit at a guest suite at Ambiente Sedona. Photo by Jeff Zaruba. Source: Ambiente.

Large-Format Windows

While some of the landscape hotels in Europe have one glass wall, for example, May wanted to see how much glass they could get away with in their rooms. 

“We literally wrapped the glass down the front and down the sides as far as we could, still leaving privacy in the back for the bathroom and changing area,” said May. 

The atriums’ glass has a bronze coating, too, so that in the day, guests walking by see a reflection of the nature that surrounds them, rather than the inside. At night, guests can use the motorized black-out curtains. 

Working with individual atriums on stilts has allowed Ambiente — which means “environment” in Italian and Spanish — to keep more of the earth below them intact, too, than if they built a typical two-story lodge. 

Drone Overhead ambiente sedona hotel photo by Jeff ZarubaDrone Overhead ambiente sedona hotel photo by Jeff Zaruba
Overhead view of Ambiente Sedona. Source: Ambiente.

Aiming for Sustainability

Ambiente’s hotel attempts to be environmentally responsible in a few ways.

The hotel also has low-E glass — it essentially has a coating that boosts energy efficiency. Each atrium also has a water filter, so bottled water is kept to a minimum. 

The property uses high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. The hotel also uses local products, such as for all of its bedding.

ambiente sedona hotel Velvet Spa CO2 Soaking Baths_PC Jeff Zarubaambiente sedona hotel Velvet Spa CO2 Soaking Baths_PC Jeff Zaruba
A wellness space at The Velvet Spa at Ambiente Sedona Hotel. Photo by Jeff Zaruba. Source: Ambiente Sedona.

Monsoon Season as Attraction

Turning Ambiente into a multi-property brand will come with challenges. While Stevenson has owned a manufacturing company for 40 years, the family is still new to the hotel business. On the surface, that may seem like a barrier. But May sees it as a plus. 

“As weird as it sounds, it was almost a positive that we hadn’t been in hospitality before,” said May, because it helped them come with fresh eyes and avoid re-creating what other area hotels offer. They’re making it a family affair, too. May’s sister, Colleen Tebrake, joined the company full-time as a brand leader about two years ago.

One experience they’re hoping to woo guests on is the monsoons that hit Sedona in late summer. 

“Even when it’s stormy it’s beautiful — people don’t realize how dramatically beautiful monsoons are,” said May. “And with our view, it’s like nature is putting on a show for you.”


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DeAndre Hopkins: Cleveland Browns’ Deshaun Watson makes pitch to reunite with former team-mate in Cleveland | NFL News


Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has said he would back his team signing his former team-mate DeAndre Hopkins; the former Clemson duo built a formidable partnership in three years together at the Houston Texans

Last Updated: 30/05/23 7:09pm

Deshaun Watson would welcome a reunion with former team-mate DeAndre Hopkins

Deshaun Watson would welcome a reunion with former team-mate DeAndre Hopkins

Standing a few feet from a golf green, Deshaun Watson made a pitch for DeAndre Hopkins to join him in Cleveland.

The Browns quarterback said Tuesday that he has spoken to Hopkins, his close friend and former Houston team-mate, and encouraged the three-time All-Pro wide receiver to consider a reunion.

Hopkins is a free agent after the Arizona Cardinals released him last week.

“Of course we would love to have him,” Watson said at the Browns charity golf outing.

“He knows that we had a lot of connections, but that’s kind of out of my range of things. So all I can do is make a call and see what happens and let AB (Browns general manager Andrew Berry) do the rest.”

The Browns appear to be a longshot to land the 30-year-old Hopkins because of a lack of salary cap space. But Cleveland weren’t expected to get Watson either until they lured him with a fully guaranteed $230m contract.

The idea of throwing again to Hopkins, they were team-mates for three seasons, has Watson thinking big.

Although Hopkins did not list Cleveland as one of his preferred teams, Watson said that doesn’t mean he has ruled out the Browns.

“I’ll just say this, D-Hop, DeAndre Hopkins would love to be in a place where the opportunity is there for us to win,” Watson added.

“We check all those boxes and I think for us to know and make sure we check all those boxes on the national stage, we’ve got to go out there and prove it and I think D-Hop would love to be a part of that.”

The Browns upgraded their receiving group in the offseason, but adding a player of Hopkins’ calibre could be a game-changer for a team coming off a 7-10 season.

Coach Kevin Stefanski would not comment on the team’s interest in Hopkins, saying he was pleased with some of its offseason additions.

“I really, really like our wide receiver room,” Stefanski said. “I love the guys that are in there. Andrew and his crew are always looking at every avenue and that type of thing, so I won’t comment specifically on the player other than to say I really like our roster.”


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5 people missing, 2 believed to be inside



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One Of Stephen King’s Worst Movie Adaptations Gets Honest Defense From Star


One of horror author Stephen King’s worst movie adaptations gets an honest defense from its star. The list of successful horror films made from the works of best-selling writer King includes such classics as Carrie, The Shining, The Dead Zone, Christine and many more. But King’s books and short stories have also received some notoriously terrible movie versions over the years, resulting in a list of turkeys that includes titles like Children of the Corn, Maximum Overdrive, The Lawnmower Man, Dreamcatcher and Cell.


But another film that is often listed among the worst King adaptations, 1995’s The Mangler, has now received a little unexpected love via its own star Robert Englund. Speaking to /film ahead of the release of the new documentary Hollywood Dreams & Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story, the Freddy Krueger actor insisted that despite its reputation as a huge disaster, The Mangler may deserve a little reappraisal. Asked to share which of his roles he wishes received more attention, Englund replied:

“Well, I think because of the internet and streamers, people have caught up on a lot of them. I think Tobe Hooper did a real interesting job on “Stephen King’s The Mangler.” I think that’s kind of rising now in all of the adaptations of Stephen King. Maybe it’s better than some of the earlier ones that were done. So, I would say that.”

Even Stephen King Himself Hated The Mangler

Renowned horror directors have made great movies out of King’s works – George Romero with Creepshow, David Cronenberg with The Dead Zone and John Carpenter with Christine being some top examples. Things didn’t work out so well when famed Texas Chain Saw Massacre auteur Tobe Hooper tackled The Mangler, an adaptation of King’s creepy Night Shift story about a possessed industrial ironing machine. King seems to have little love for The Mangler himself, slamming it in his book Stephen King Goes to the Movies:

Tobe Hooper, who directed it, is something of a genius…The Texas Chain Saw Massacre proves that beyond doubt. But when genius goes wrong, brother, watch out. The film version of ‘The Mangler’ is energetic and colorful, but it’s also a mess with Robert (Freddy Krueger) Englund stalking through it for reasons which remain unclear to me even now. … The movie’s visuals are surreal and the sets are eye-popping, but somewhere along the way (maybe in the copious amounts of steam generated by the film’s mechanical star), the story got lost.

But though The Mangler holds just a 27% score on Rotten Tomatoes, it does have its champions, who view the film as an underappreciated comic horror movie with a cool visual style. Perhaps King might now consider a revisit of The Mangler himself, in light of Englund’s positive assessment of the film, and the seeming upward trend in its reputation. King at least seems to agree that Hooper’s direction of The Mangler is visually interesting, though he is not as positive about the film’s storytelling. When it comes to honest defenses of movies with bad critical reputations, The Mangler may indeed deserve the treatment, but it’s harder to say the same about its sequels The Mangler 2 and The Mangler Reborn, both of which are even more maligned than the original.

Source: /film


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Chinese Hotel Firm Rakes in Six-Fold Return as It Sells Minor Stake in Oyo


Skift Take

Not a bad payday, considering the partial exit yields a substantial six-fold return for H World Group. However, the heightened scrutiny on startup valuations has kept a lid on gains for Oyo.

Chinese hospitality company H World Group – formerly Huazhu – has sold one-fifth of its holding of Indian hospitality company Oyo to United Arab Emirates-based family offices and institutional investors for around $9 million, a source told Skift.

The company’s partial exit translates to a 500 percent gain and values H World’s remaining stake at over $36 million.

The transaction now leaves H World Group with a 0.63 percent stake in Oyo, implying a valuation of around $6.5 billion for Oyo, which is looking to list on the Indian stock exchange.

In a transaction last October, Oyo was also valued at $6.5 billion, indicating no change at a time of heightened scrutiny on startup valuation.

H World’s Oyo Association

The Chinese company that held 0.78 percent in Oyo-parent company Oravel Stays through one of its subsidiaries, has sold 10 million equity shares, which translates to one-fifth of its holding.

While Oyo declined to comment on the matter, sources privy to the matter said there has been an enhanced interest in it since it refiled its draft papers with the Indian stock exchange regulator in March.

However, they declined to disclose the names of those who have bought H World’s stake.

H World Group had acquired a stake in Oyo in 2017 for $10 million at a reported valuation of $850-900 million. This was a top-up to a SoftBank-led funding round of $250 million.

In March, H World Group had sold its remaining 3.7 percent stake in Accor for an undisclosed sum to concentrate on its core activities.

The news came a little more than a month since Accor sold its remaining 3 percent stake in H World for $460 million.

Some Background for Oyo

Recently, ratings agency Moody’s said it expected Oyo to generate around $55 million in earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization — a measure of profit — this fiscal year.

The Moody’s forecast was based on a further demand recovery in the hospitality business, a higher number of storefronts on Oyo’s platform, and more cost reductions.

Oyo had earlier planned to value its initial public offering at $1.1 billion, but in March, the company announced that it was reducing the size of the offering to between about $400 and $600 million.

Oyo filed the draft papers confidentially under the new pre-filing route and is waiting for approval from the Securities and Exchange Board of India.

The company plans its IPO around the Indian festival of Diwali, which falls on November 12 this year.

The company recently announced that it plans to double the number of premium hotels, such as Townhouse, Collection O and Capital O, in India in 2023 by adding approximately 1800 high street, upmarket hotels.

The company’s UK business plans to add more than 50 properties to its UK portfolio in 2023 with a focus on cities such as London and Birmingham.

Oyo already has more than 150 hotels across the UK. The company is also planning to add over 100 hotels in the US in 2023.


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