Brendan Fraser On Next Acting Role After The Whale Oscar Win


Brendan Fraser says that he’s being picky about his next acting role following his Best Actor win at the Oscars for his performance in The Whale.

Brendan Fraser says he’s being picky about his next acting role following his win at the Oscars for The Whale. Fraser won Best Actor at the 2023 Oscars for his role as Charlie in The Whale, his first Oscar win ever. The win is a culmination of his return to the spotlight following a lengthy break from taking on major film roles.

According to People, Fraser spoke at Greenwich International Film Festival’s inaugural Inspiration Talk, where he revealed he was being picky about his next role after The Whale. As of right now, the seasoned actor doesn’t have any particular roles lined up following his Oscar win. Check out what Fraser said below:


At the moment, I don’t have anything — I’m really being picky right now.

What Will Brendan Fraser Star In Next?

Custom image of Brendan Fraser in The Secret of Karma and in The Whale.

While Fraser is searching for the right role to follow his award-winning performance in The Whale, he is still set to appear in a few upcoming projects. Fraser will star in Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon as W. S. Hamilton, and will have an undisclosed role in Brothers, which stars Josh Brolin and Peter Dinklage. In addition, Fraser is expected to continue appearing as Cliff Steele in DC’s Doom Patrol season 4.

The Whale has put Fraser on the map for another possible leading role in a drama film. Because his range and depth of emotions won him an Oscar, he could find himself playing a similar tragic character to Charlie in a future project. If Fraser chose to go down the road of more dramas, he could cement himself as a key talent involved in bringing poignant and thrilling stories to the big screen.

Fraser has also expressed interest in The Mummy 4, saying in February it would be fun to reunite with Michelle Yeoh if such an opportunity ever arose. While The Whale has helped Fraser win multiple awards, it seems the actor also wouldn’t shy away from returning to the adventurous romps of films like The Mummy. As audiences await Brendan Fraser‘s next role, it seems he is also waiting for the right opportunity.

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